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Health and Society in Bengal

Health and Society in Bengal
A Selection From Late 19th Century Bengali Periodicals

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February 2006 | 300 pages | SAGE India
This remarkable volume discusses, for the first time, the nature of the interaction between western medical science and local knowledge and practices in late 19th-Century Bengal through excerpts from important Bengali medical and scientific journals published between 1850 and 1900. The articles reproduced in this volume not only reveal the various ways in which western medicine combined with local practices, but also depict the customs, tradition, social practices, religion and economy of 19th-century Bengal.

Introduction: Health Science and society in 19th-Century Bengal

Pradip Kumar Bose
Indigenous Medicine and Medical Science

National Health

Sexuality and Sexual Relations

Public Health and Communicable Diseases

Practice and Development of Medical Education



If one expects from this book a mere description of the sanitary condition of 19th century Bengal and debates between two the British (‘Western’) and the local (‘Oriental’) medical systems, one will be pleasantly surprised, because the discourse is not merely comparative…. Bose makes us re-evaluate the debates on colonialism, post-colonialism and internal colonialism in India.

South Asia Research

…this book highlights the need to understand the conflicts between indigenous paradigms and one that is introduced when those interested in health management are involved in changing behaviour as away of improving health…. The book will be useful for sociologist, anthropologists and others interested in health services management…

Journal of Health Management

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