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Handbook of Services Marketing and Management

Handbook of Services Marketing and Management

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January 2000 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Handbook is organized in six major sections: The service setting, demand management, service excellence and profitability, service recovery, service relationships, and firm-wide service issues.

A unique structural feature of the Handbook is the inclusion of both in-depth chapters as well as shorter, more focused `mini' chapters. This variation enables the book to provide broader coverage through the inclusion of more topics.

Teresa A Swartz and Dawn Iacobucci
Pierre Eiglier and Eric Langeard
Services in the Village
Christian Grönroos
Services Marketing Comes of Age
1: Environment/Performance
Stephen J Grove, Raymond P Fisk and Joby John
Services as Theater
Guidelines and Implications

Mary Jo Bitner
The Servicescape
Kent Grayson and David Shulman
Impression Management in Services Marketing
Janet Wagner
A Model of Aesthetic Value in the Servicescape
2: Technology/Participation
James G Barnes, Peter A Dunne and William J Glynn
Self-Service and Technology
Unanticipated and Unintended Effects on Customer Relationships

Pratibha A Dabholkar
Technology in Service Delivery
Implications for Self-Service and Service Support

Amy Risch Rodie and Susan Schultz Kleine
Customer Participation in Services Production and Delivery
John E G Bateson
Perceived Control and the Service Experience
Steven M Shugan and Sonja Radas
Services and Seasonal Demand
Shirley Taylor and Gordon Fullerton
Waiting for Service
Perceptions Management of the Wait Experience

Paul J Kraus
Pricing the Service Offering
An Integrative Perspective

Roger Hallowell and Leonard A Schlesinger
The Service Profit Chain
Intellectual Roots, Current Realities and Future Prospects

Anthony J Zahorik, Roland T Rust and Timothy L Keiningham
Estimating the Return on Quality
Providing Insights into Profitable Investments in Service Quality

Richard L Oliver
Customer Satisfaction with Service
Eugene W Anderson and Claes Fornell
The Customer Satisfaction Index as a Leading Indicator
Stephen S Tax and Stephen W Brown
Service Recovery
Research Insights and Practices

Nancy Stephens
Amy L Ostrom and Christopher W L Hart
Service Guarantees
Research and Practice

Paul G Patterson and Tony Ward
Relationship Marketing and Management
Martin Wetzels, Ko de Ruyter and Jos Lemmink
Antecedents and Consequences of Service Quality in Business-to-Business Services
Devon S Johnson and Kent Grayson
Sources and Dimensions of Trust in Service Relationships
Barbara Gutek
Service Relationships, Pseudo-Relationships and Encounters
Laurette Dubé and Stowe Shoemaker
Brand Switching and Loyalty for Services
John Deighton
Frequency Programs in Service Industries
Rashi Glazer
Smart Services
Competitive Advantage through Information-Intensive Strategies

Christopher H Lovelock
Functional Integration in Services
Understanding the Links between Marketing, Operations and Human Resources

David E Bowen, Benjamin Schneider and Sandra S Kim
Shaping Service Cultures through Strategic Human Resource Management
Richard B Chase and Ray M Haynes
Service Operations Management
A Field Guide

James Cross and Bruce J Walker
Addressing Services Marketing Challenges through Franchising
Dawn Iacobucci and Teresa A Swartz
Closing Observations

"This Handbook contains an impressive collection of cutting-edge contributions that should be of keen interest to service researchers and practitioners. It represents some of the best and most recent thinking on a wide range of service topics." 

A. Parasuraman
University of Miami, FL

"This new handbook provides a wealth of stimulating ideas and guidelines for improving the quality and effectiveness of service offerings." 

Philip Kotler
S.C. Johnson & Son, Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Northwestern University

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ISBN: 9780761916123

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