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Handbook of Inclusive Education for Educators, Administrators and Planners

Handbook of Inclusive Education for Educators, Administrators and Planners
Within Walls, Without Boundaries

First Edition
Edited by:

September 2004 | 292 pages | SAGE India
The Handbook of Inclusive Education

advocates the importance of inclusive education. It presents a collection of various models, practices, experiences, first-hand accounts and success stories from India, where inclusive education has been implemented. It also identifies and analyzes challenges to the Indian education system, while offering possible strategies and solutions for all education systems implementing inclusion policies.

The book is divided into three parts. Part one gives an overview of the concept and practice of inclusive education and also discusses legal and policy aspects. Part two describes innovative practices in the implementation of inclusive education for children with a wide range of disabilities, such as:

- Hearing Impairment

- Visual Impairment

- Orthopedic Impairment

- Learning Disability

- Cerebral Palsy

- Intellectual Impairment

- Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Part three discusses current developments in the fields of inclusive education and describes what a `real' inclusive school should be like.

Madhumita Puri and George Abraham
Participation by Inclusion

Madhumita Puri and George Abraham
Historical Perspectives
Madhumita Puri and George Abraham
Why Inclusion
Shruti Pandey
Current Provisions of Law and Policy
Sushil Goel and Indumathi Rao
Special and Inclusive Educational Services in India
Renu Singh
An Inclusive World
Sandhya Limaye
Hearing Impairment
George Abraham
Visual Impairment
Anjalee Agarwal
Orthopedic Impairment
Mallika Ganapathy and Lakshmi Krishnakumar
Learning Disability
Reena Sen
Cerebral Palsy
Madhumita Puri
Intellectual Impairment
Mythily Chari
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Indumathi Rao
Schools in Rural Areas
Madhumita Puri and George Abraham
The Role of Special Schools
Madhumita Puri and George Abraham
Amendments in Law and Policy
Madhumita Puri and George Abraham
The Real School

"The Handbook of Inclusive Education for Educators, Administrators, and Planners: Within Walls, Without Boundaries, is a noteworthy addition to the growing library of materials on inclusion of persons with disabilities in the educational process.  The Handbook is best suited for teachers and other educators who work with students with disabilities.  It is full of excellent suggestions, and moreover, many of the concepts pertaining to students with disabilities are also relevant for students of color and other students who have been marginalized in the education process." —THE REVIEW OF DISABILITY STUDIES

Christine Su
Center on Disability Studies
The Review of Disability Studies

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