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Graphing Statistics & Data

Graphing Statistics & Data
Creating Better Charts

October 1996 | 94 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How do you present or organize your statistical or numerical data so that it is accessible and meaningful for your readers or audience?

Graphing Statistics & Data introduces the technique and art of producing good charts. Carefully written with many examples and illustrations, the book begins with an introduction to the building blocks of charts (axes, scales and patterns) and then describes each step involved in creating effective and easy-to-read charts.

Throughout the book, the authors use numerous examples of real data as a basis of the maps and charts. They also include a chapter that shows step-by-step how to work from the data to the finished chart. Practical textual information serves as a guide for executing each stage of preparing a chart or graph.

Sound charts do not draw attention to themselves for their own sake but make the reader aware of the qualities of statistical data. Graphing Statistics & Data enables readers to create charts that effectively present their data.

The Power of Charts
Choosing Chart Types
The Building Blocks of Charts
Bar Charts
Our Basic Chart

Showing Frequencies
Showing Development over Time
Showing Relationship
Showing Variation
Showing Flows
Showing Geographical Variation
Some Chart Philosophy
Charts and Layout
Charts in Practice
Choice of Technology for Producing Charts

Cost and age tell against this book as a core text - it has useful content in terms of producing clear illustrations for publication, but software has moved on a great deal, and an update would be useful. I see a need for a good book in this area, but for most students this is probably not it - a good resource for a library, nevertheless.

Mr Andrew Rideout
School of Health, Glasgow Caledonian University
December 8, 2011

Good supplement for two of the major assignments, but not essential. If the course design changes in the future, the book may be required.

Mr Chris Faulk
Rhetoric and Composition, American University In Cairo
December 8, 2009

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