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Going Google

Going Google
Powerful Tools for 21st Century Learning

May 2012 | 224 pages | Corwin
Google your way to greatness!This book for K-12 educators explores the wide array of Google tools and shows how to use them in the classroom. Appropriate for experienced Googlers as well as novices, the text is organized into parts according to the 21st-century skills each tool promotes. Included are specific classroom activities that teachers can use with students immediately. An interactive website offers video tutorials that support the instructions and an online community for sharing successes.
About the Author
I. Communication and Collaboration
1. Google Docs
2. Google Calendar
3. Gmail
4. Google Sites
5. Blogger
6. Google Groups
7. Google +
II. Creativity and Innovation
8. Google Earth
9.Picasa/Picasa Web Album
10. YouTube
III. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
11. Google as a Searching Tool
12. Advanced Search
13. Google Custom Search
14. Information with Google
15. Google Alerts
16. Google Reader
17. iGoogle
IV. Moving Forward

“This book immediately gets the savvy teacher-educator to begin identifying, exploring, planning, playing and making invaluable and challenging connections that will redefine the curricula experiences of students, teachers, and parents.”

Rose Cherie Reissman Literacy Consultant/Teacher Educator
Mind Lab /New City Department of Education Literacy, NY

Going Google is a must-have for the emerging technology teacher. It addresses the applications students are using in today’s classroom and provides real, authentic ways to effectively emplys these tools to engage the leaders of tomorrow.”

Avis Canty, Special Education Teacher
Tanglewood Middle School, Greenville, SC

“Any educator who wants to be blown away with possibilities on how Google can support 21st Century learning should get this book!”

Sara Stewart, Project Facilitator, Instructional Technology
Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV

“This book is an invaluable resource for a teacher who wants to incorporate more technology in the classroom by utilizing tools that he/she already has available.”

James E. Anderson, K-12 Principal
Canaseraga Central School District, NY

“This book is one of the most invaluable publications for teachers today. The author has taken a totally free resource and developed an excellent reference tool which every educator should utilize.”

Karen Canfield, Elementary Principal
Pioneer Intermediate School, Noble, OK

“This is a GREAT book. It addresses a critical issue: how to incorporate technology into our regular classrooms, in a clean and easy style that is very accessible even to educators who are less tech-savvy!”

Rick Yee, Principal
McAuliffe School, Saratoga, CA

Going Google provides practical directions with appropriate screen shots that show readers exactly how to use the tools.”

Joan Irwin, Education Editor/Writer
Newark, DE

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Chapter 1: Google Docs

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ISBN: 9781412998789