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Social Theory and Global Culture

July 1992 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
A stimulating appraisal of a crucial contemporary theme, this comprehensive analysis of globalizaton offers a distinctively cultural perspective on the social theory of the contemporary world.

This perspective considers the world as a whole, going beyond conventional distinctions between the global and the local and between the universal and the particular. Its cultural approach emphasizes the political and economic significance of shifting conceptions of, and forms of participation in, an increasingly compressed world. At the same time the book shows why culture has become a globally contested issue - why, for example, competing conceptions of 'world order' have political and economic consequences.

Globalization as a Problem
The Cultural Turn
Mapping the Global Condition
World-Systems Theory, Culture and Images of World Power
Japanese Globality and Japanese Religion
The Universalism-Particularism Issue
'Civilization,' Civility and the Civilizing Process
Globalization Theory and Civilization Analysis
Globality, Modernity and the Issue of Postmodernity
Globalization and the Nostalgic Paradigm
'The Search for Fundamentals' in Global Perspective
Concluding Reflections

A true classic in the theory of globalization. This is very useful for both getting students to begin to think of globalization critically but also to apply this to aspects of global society, especially culture.

Dr Matt Dawson
Sociology , Glasgow University
June 1, 2012

Good book in supporting critical philosohical and social debates on globalisation. I think it will make a come-back as 'global ethics' becomes more popular.

Ms LB Begum
Department of Management & IT, University of Wales, Trinity St David
April 5, 2011

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