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Global Information and World Communication

Global Information and World Communication
New Frontiers in International Relations

Second Edition

February 1997 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The new edition of this major work offers a comprehensive analysis of international communication systems and the global flow of information. Hamid Mowlana places the analysis of global mass media and other forms of communication within a critical overview of international and intercultural relations.

Extensively rewritten and revised, Global Information and World Communication deals with the phenomenon of global information flow in all contexts - political, economic, cultural, technological, legal and professional. Mowlana illustrates how different communication strategies and systems have contributed to the creation of powerful interests and have altered the global scene. He takes into account recent events and shows how these have challenged basic assumptions and theories, enabling the debate about communication and world society to embrace broader concepts of world politics, information economy, cultural ecology and international development.

World Politics in Transition
New Frontiers in International Relations

International Flow of Information
A Framework of Analysis

News and Views
Designing the World's Symbolic Environment

Broadcasting the World
National and International Images

Cultural Industry
From Books to Computers

Political Economy of Information
Transitional Data Flows

International Interactions
Travel and Tourism

Human Flow across National Boundaries
Intercultural Communication

Information Technology
Developing Communication Systems and Policies

Communication and Development
The Emerging Orders

International Communication Research
From Functionalism to Post Modernism and Beyond

The Unfinished Revolution
The Crisis of Our Age


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