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Getting into Nursing

Getting into Nursing

Second Edition
Edited by:

April 2015 | 176 pages | Learning Matters

This book helps potential nursing students succeed in getting into nursing. It gives practical help on the application process: filling out application forms; passing numeracy and literacy tests; and succeeding at interviews. It also explains what nurses do, what personal qualities are needed and what is involved in nursing training, so applicants can decide whether nursing is really for them.

This book has been carefully shaped to answer all of the common questions applicants are likely to have, along with many they will not yet have thought of. It has been updated in light of the recommendations in the Francis Report and covers values-based recruitment, the importance of compassion in practice and considers the needs of non-traditional applicants and mature students.
Features of the book include:

  • practice numeracy and literacy tests to help students face their interview day with confidence
  • all the information students need given in one place with no need to trawl through countless websites looking for answers to questions
  • helpful advice on choosing the right course and succeeding in the application
  • top tips and stories from real nurses, students, patients and lecturers that explore 'from the inside' what nursing is like
  • example interviews to help students prepare for the big day.
Karen Elcock
Karen Elcock
What is Nursing Today?
Karen Elcock
Do I Have What it Takes to be a Nurse?
Beattie Dray and Kim Tolley
Entry Requirements
Sue Fergy and Kim Tolley
Work Experience and Volunteering - an Opportunity for you to Demonstrate your Values
Kim Tolley and Maggie Davenport
What is Involved in Undertaking a Nursing Course?
Maggie Davenport, Rosi Castle, Mary Brady, Penny Smith and Martyn Keen
Choosing the Right Field of Nursing
Sue Fergy
The Application Process and Choosing the Right University
Kim Tolley
Preparing for Selection Day
Andrew Perkins
Numeracy Tests
Mandy Gough and Karen Elcock
Literacy Tests
Beattie Dray
The Selection Day
Karen Elcock
What Happens Next?

This book adopts a balanced and realistic approach for anyone considering a career in nursing. Each chapter clearly articulates the journey that potential nursing students need to embark upon. Readers are offered a step-by-step practical guide and are signposted to numerous essential links relating to the application process.
This book is ideal for anyone considering a career in nursing. It would also be useful for teachers who are delivering careers advice or advising students on writing their personal statements.

Julie Tracey, practice education facilitator, Northern Ireland
Nursing Times

A really useful and informative guide for successfully gaining a place on a nursing programme. Useful practical activities in each chapter which aid learning.

Mr Paul McCreary
Department of Mental Health Nursing, Bucks New University
March 3, 2016

This book is intended for those pursuing nursing for which it is a good text.
It is an informative book that would help anyone thinking of pursuing nursing to gain a better insight to both the career and the educational programme.

Nicky Hadlett
Faculty of Health, University of East Anglia
June 23, 2015

As an admissions tutor I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in starting their nurse training or even thinking of this as an option as it would help with the decision if nursing is right for you. There is a wealth of information that will make a candidate much better prepared for the application process and be clear on what is expected from them .

Mrs Linda Robson
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Edge Hill University
June 21, 2015

As an admissions tutor this is an ideal text to recommend to individuals applying to nursing and midwifery courses. I would highly recommend this to other institutes.

It provides insight into the profession and supports development to the standards required for entry to the course. The interactive nature of the text makes it an ideal reference for pre-applicants, developing their personal statement and interview techniques. It remains useful during the entire application process and the interim period between application and commencement of the course.

Full of great tips and reasonably priced this is a perfect one stop shop for the keen applicant.

This is a text that I highly recommend at all open events within the university - ensuring that i have a few copies on hand for potential applicants to peruse whilst I am talking with others.

I also use this text widely when attending FE institutes to speak at careers events.

Mrs Haz Hughes
May 8, 2015

Essential reading for those in a first or second year of a pre-nursing course . The information is clear and relevant to the application process for applying for nursing.

Mrs Margaret Rose Bull
School of Care Studies, West Herts College
January 18, 2016