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Game Sutra

Game Sutra
Rescuing Game Theory from The Game Theorists

First Edition

August 2019 | 308 pages | SAGE Response

The telecom war between Reliance Jio and Airtel was only a preamble to the impending battle between Google and Jio.

Nitish Kumar broke the mahagathbandhan while seeming to try to bend RJD to his will.

All the schmoozing between Trump and Xi hasn’t reduced the North Korean nuclear threat.

Could we have predicted these outcomes before they actually happened?

Yes we could have—not with IQ or EQ, but with ‘Game Theoretic Quotient’. A new intelligence, a new way of looking at the world.

Game Sutra highlights the underlying strategic considerations of entities as diverse as heads of state, bitcoin miners and CEOs of internet companies to explain their decisive choices. Immerse yourself in its heady mix of cogent fact and smart analysis to develop your ‘game theoretic quotient’.

Your world will never be the same again. 

Game Theory Deconstructed
Common Knowledge and Counter-Strikes
How Rational Are You?
Does Donald Trump Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?
Is Game Theory a Value-neutral Science?
The Centre of Gravity: The Nash Equilibrium
Returning to Rationality: The Prisoners’ Dilemma
The Vulnerability of the Chinese Corridor
Searching for an Equilibrium in the India–China Game
War and Peace in the Heartlands of Maoism
Is It Silly Season in Indian Telecom?
Designing Legal Liability Rules to Fix Delhi’s Winter Woes
Games Businesses Play
The Airtel–Jio Battle and the Limitations of Game Theory
Battles of the Bitcoin
The Collective Action Problem of Assurance
The Hapless Fate of an Alleged Spy
Telecom on the Rocks with a Twist of IUC
The NDA, the UPA and Two Types of Chicken
The Tragedy of the Planet’s Environmental Wealth
The Waters of Our Discontent
Sequential Games and Rollback Equilibrium
Reliance Jio’s Second-Mover Advantage
The 2016 US Elections: The Game of Ideologies
The Absolutism of Demonetization
Risks Posed by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
Every Democracy Needs a Little Disloyalty
The Fine Art of Making Threats
Will Threats Work Against Pakistan?
The RBI and the Flip Flop Finance Ministry
Law and Order in a Time of Lynch Mobs
How to Play Hardball and Get Away with It
North Korea Is Not Really Cuba
Exaggeration in Brinkmanship is a Double-edged Sword
Pseudo-brinkmanship and the Sacrament of Marriage
The Twist in the Tale of Bihar’s Political Chameleon
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Party Scorned
Navigating the Fog of War
The Inscrutable Silence of a Star Yogi
The Pure Politics of the Mercurial Mayawati
Rahul Gandhi and the Beer-‘Dhokla’ Game
Are Our Kids Really Smarter Than We Were?
Giving Up Control To Achieve Unpredictability
When Being Paranoid Is OK
The Perfect Unpredictability of Roger Federer
How to Buy Cricketers and Coal Blocks
What the IPL Can Learn From Telecom
The Giddy Tournaments of Capitalism
Re-designing the Insolvency Auction to Optimize Value
The Auction That Runs the Internet
Ad Auctions: A Market for Horses
The Gale-Shapley Algorithm and Future Job Markets
Cooperative Game Theory and the Core
The Babylonian Talmud and India’s Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
The Shapley Value and Legislative Power
Judicial Primacy Is Not the Same as Exclusivity
Trump’s Paris Agreement Pull-out: Masterstroke or Farce?
The Chaotic Consensus on Goods and Services Tax
The Third Front in the 2019 Election
The Game That Worked in Goa
The Perils of Plurality in India
Rescuing Game Theory from the Game Theorists

‘Rohit Prasad’s wonderful book Game Sutra: Rescuing Game Theory from the Game Theorists is a collection of dozens of real-life applications of game theory. Written in English—that is, without mathematics—it is highly accessible to the educated general public. Entertaining, informative and fresh, it is strongly recommended to anyone who is interested in discovering how human interaction works.’

Noble Laureate Robert J. Aumann,
Economic Sciences, 2005

‘Rohit Prasad has well and truly rescued game theory from game theorists and brought it to the masses. The excellent exercises train the reader’s mind in game-theoretic way of thinking without using any mathematics. It’s fascinating!’ 

Sumit Sarkar,
Professor, XLRI

‘This rich, instructive and entertaining collection of applications of game theory is a must-read for all who want to navigate successfully in India’s complex business, political and social environments.’

Professor Avinash Dixit,
John J. F. Sherrerd ‘52 University Professor of Economics, Emeritus Princeton University

‘Rohit Prasad brings a unique, fascinating and entirely convincing theoretical approach towards unravelling the most significant and complex economic and political questions of contemporary India. The result is a brilliant analysis of what determines human action and behaviour. Marrying game theory and Indian politics has never been sexier and more fun, let alone illuminative.’ 

Sanjoy Majumder,
Vice Managing Editor, BBC India

‘Rohit has written a delightful book, bringing valuable insights from the abstruse field of game theory to bear on current economic and political events, especially in the context of India. His work is full of innovative analyses, yet written in a style that is witty, engaging and accessible to everyone. A must-read!’

Pradeep Dubey,
Leading Professor, Stony Brook University; Visiting Professor, Cowles Foundation, Yale University

‘Rohit Prasad brings game theory out of the ivory towers of academia and shows that it is possible to use pristine mathematical theories to argue cohesively in the relatively inchoate world of politics and social change. Rohit’s grasp of the subject, and elegant prose, creates powerful insights into issues of the day drawn from the fields of politics, business and economics. This book is truly a revelation, written in an easy, accessible—yet rigorous—style. It may well mark the beginning of a new trajectory for economic theory and social commentary alike.’

Raghav Bahl,
Co-founder, Network 18; Co-founder, Quintillion Media Pvt. Ltd

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