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Financing International Trade

Financing International Trade
Banking Theories and Applications

First Edition
  • Gargi Sanati - Assistant Professor, Department of Money International Banking & Finance, National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM), Pune
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September 2017 | 296 pages | SAGE Texts

This first-of-its-kind textbook presents an overview of the fundamental nature and regulatory structure of forex transactions operating within the Indian banking system.

Though international trade theory is well discussed in academic circles, trade finance is often viewed as the prerogative of bankers, financers and professionals. However, with the increase in cross-border expansion of trade, financial aspects of international trade has turned out to be one of the key components of various educational programs, at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

This textbook discusses different types of forex transactions, the regulatory framework within which they take place and the associated risks and solutions. It tries to resolve the existing disparity in the understanding and interpretation of regulatory guidelines and the practices adopted by banks and corporates in implementing them. The cases and examples, integrated throughout the chapters, are coupled with resolutions to the problems discussed and substantial explanation of the underlying principles.

Key Features

• Caselets and problem definitions weaved throughout the chapters to aid understanding of forex in different realms

• Discussion on the roles of institutions other than banks and corporate houses such as RBI, FEDAI, ECGC and DGFT in international trade finance

• Ideal companion for students of international finance, international banking, forex business and trade finance, financial markets and others

Foreword by Shri G Mahalingam
1. International Trade Finance and Payment Methods
2. Regulatory and Institutional Framework
3. Product Structure under Documentary Credit
4. Documentary Collection and Documentary Credit: CASELETS under URC 522 and UCP 600
5. Documents in International Trade
6. Trade Terms or International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS) and its Application
7. Export Trade and Export Credit or Pre- and Post-shipment Credit
8. Trade Credit: Buyer’s Credit and Suppliers Credit for Import Financing
9. Merchanting Trade
10. Foreign Exchange Markets, Merchant Deals and Interbank Cover Operation: CASH, SPOT and Forward
11. Bank Guarantees in International Trade


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ISBN: 9789386446176