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Family Therapy in Focus

Family Therapy in Focus

  • Mark Rivett - Bristol University, UK
  • Eddy Street - Llandough Hospital and Community NHS Trust, Penarth, Wales

January 2003 | 190 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Drawing on many years' experience in practice, teaching and research, Mark Rivett and Eddy Street present philosophical, sociological and empirical views of family therapy. Balancing the perceived benefits against the potential limitations, they pose questions, which challenge those within the profession to think hard about their role.

} does family therapy work?

} can those most in need really be helped?

} is family therapy a means of social control?

} who does professionalization help?

While most texts offer a straightforward and uncritical perspective, in contrast Family Therapy in Focus aims to stimulate debate among practitioners and to help trainees adopt a more reflective and critical attitude towards their own professional development and the development of their profession.

Beginning at a Beginning
Family Therapy as Critque

A Troubled Legacy?
Systems Theory and Family Therapy

Family Therapy's Affair with Postmodernism
Philosophy and Family Therapy

Freedom or Control?
The Sociological Critique of Family Therapy

Who Are the Family Therapists?
Social Policy, Social Justice and Family Therapy
Does It Work?
How Does It All Go Together?
Where Is the Individual?
Integrating Theory and Practice
Beginning at an Ending
Beyond `Both/And'


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