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Economic Reforms in India since 1991

Economic Reforms in India since 1991

First Edition
  • Monika Kashyap - Faculty, Department of Business Management, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University (A Central University), Uttarakhand, India
  • Mahendra Babu Kuruva - Faculty, Department of Business Management, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University (A Central University), Uttarakhand, India
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November 2018 | 284 pages | SAGE Texts

Economic Reforms in India since 1991 provides a compact overview of India’s economic reforms in financial, trade and agricultural sectors, and the impact of these policies on India’s economy.The book is divided into three parts. Part A, dealing with financial sector reforms, provides an outlook of the financial system and its working with a detailed discussion of trends and progress of India’s financial system. Part B discusses the trade policy reforms. It provides a bird’s-eye view of the developments in India’s external sector from 1950–2016. Part C deals with agricultural reforms with a status report on pre- and post-liberalization agriculture policies. Major reforms in the agricultural sector, including major schemes, their impact and progress, and future prospects have been discussed at length.

This book would serve as a companion for students of economics, management, public policy as well as political economy, and cater to the needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Key Features:

• Concise, well-rounded coverage of financial, trade and agricultural policy reforms in one volume.

• Easily comprehensible comparison between pre and post-liberalization reforms.

• Clear and relatable text with examples to showcase the background and implications of policy reforms on the Indian economy.

• Chapters aided by recent data, illustrations, self-review exercises and so on.

India’s Economic Reforms: An Overview
Part I: India’s Financial Sector Reforms
Indian Financial System: Evolution, Reform and the Way Forward
The Indian Banking Sector: History, Reform and Progress
Capital Market in India: Growth, Reform and Regulation
Government Securities Market: An Overview
Financial Intermediaries: Types and Reforms
India’s Experience with the Basel Norms
Global Financial Crisis: India’s Response and Lessons Learnt
Part-II: India’s External Sector Reforms
India’s Exchange Rate Regime, Behaviour and Policy Responses in the Post-reform Period
Trade Reforms and Policies in India: An Overview
The World Trade Organization
Part III: Agriculture Sector and Land Reforms in India
Indian Agriculture: Features, Policies and Reforms
Land Reforms in India


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