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Drug Use in Metropolitan America

Drug Use in Metropolitan America

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February 1999 | 366 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book describes, relates and integrates findings from a study of the Washington DC metropolitan area that looked at the nature and extent of drug use in a single urban setting. The research strategy involved focusing particularly on groups which have been traditionally underrepresented in household populations. The book serves as a methodological primer on how to undertake a study such as this. It places these findings in the larger context of the national drug abuse problem, as well as related social ills such as crime and homelessness. A concluding chapter looks squarely at some of the implications of the study, pointing the way for further research, but especially for public policy decisions regarding drug use.
Robert M Bray, Mary Ellen Marsden and Amy A Vincus
Impact of Drug Use in Metropolitan America
Robert M Bray
The Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area Drug Study (DC & MADS)
Mary Ellen Marsden and Robert M Bray
Drug Use among Household and Nonhousehold Populations
Michael L Dennis et al
Drug Use and Homelessness
Gregory H Gaertner and Linda J Keil
Drug Use Among the Institutionalized Population
David Cantor
Drug Involvement among Offender Populations
Patrick M Flynn, James W Luckey, and Sara C Wheeless
Patterns of Use among Drug Treatment Clients
Wendy A Visscher, Robert M Bray, and Larry A Kroutil
Drug Use and Pregnancy
Robert M Bray, Larry A Kroutil, and Sara C Wheeless
Comparing and Integrating Findings across Populations
Robert M Bray and Mary Ellen Marsden
Implications of Findings for Policy and Research

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