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Doing a Literature Review in Nursing, Health and Social Care

Doing a Literature Review in Nursing, Health and Social Care

Second Edition

November 2016 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

How do I start my literature review? What sources can I go to for information? How do I analyse the work of others?

This clear, practical book guides readers undertaking their own literature review through the process, giving them the skills and knowledge they need for success.

The chapters address:

- Different types of literature reviews

- Critically analysing material

- Presenting the final piece of work

- Best practice in referencing and plagiarism

- Systematic approaches to literature reviews

It will be an essential guide for all nursing and all allied healthcare students, as well as professionals working in practice.

1. What Is a Literature Review?
2. Types of Literature Review
3. Systematic Review
4. Selecting a Review Topic and Searching the Literature
5. Reading and Organising the Literature
6. Critically Appraising the Literature
7. Combining (Synthesizing) the Results of the Literature
8. Writing Your Literature Review
9. Referencing and Plagiarism
10. What Comes Next?

'This book is an excellent resource for practitioners wishing to develop their knowledge and understanding of reviewing literature and the processes involved. It uses uncomplicated language to signpost the reader effortlessly through key aspects of research processes. Practitioners will find this an invaluable companion for navigating through evidence to identify quality literature applicable to health and social care practice.' 

Gaynor Fenton
University of Salford, UK

'Students often struggle with writing an effective literature review and this invaluable guide will help to allay their concerns. Key terms are clearly explained, and the inclusion of learning outcomes is a helpful feature for students and lecturers alike.  The examples are also very helpful, particularly for less confident students.  This is an accessible yet authoritative guide which I can thoroughly recommend.' 

Patricia Pye
Buckinghamshire New University, UK

'A must have - this book provides useful information and guidance to students and professionals alike. It guides the reader through various research methods in a theoretical and pragmatic manner.' 

Bronagh Dunning, 4th year Nursing student
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

'It's a very readable, concise, and accessible introduction to undertaking a literature review in the field of healthcare. The book’s layout has a logical format which really helped me to think methodically about my research question. An excellent reference for undergraduates who are about to undertake their first literature review.' 

Colette Farrell, Nursing student
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

'This book is an essential resource for students. Clearly written and excellently structured, with helpful study tools throughout, it takes the reader step by step through the literature review process in an easy, informative and accessible manner. This text gives students the skills they need to successfully complete their own review.' 

Elaine Lehane
University College Cork, Ireland

'The updating of the chapters will be exceptionally helpful given the rapid changes in online availability of resources and open-access literature.' 

Rachel Rossiter
Charles Sturt University, Australia

Useful book, well set out.

Dr Sally Goldspink
Faculty of Health , Social Care & Education, Anglia Ruskin University
February 6, 2020

well structured guide to undertaking a literature review

Mrs rebecca reynolds
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Plymouth University
August 15, 2019