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Disinvestment in India

Disinvestment in India
Policies, Procedures, Practices

First Edition
  • Sudhir Naib - Ministry of Defence, Government of India

February 2004 | 346 pages | SAGE India
Twelve years after it was started, the liberalization of the Indian economy remains an ideological and operational battleground. There is mainstream national consensus on the need and irreversibility of reforms, but widespread disagreement about its pace and the sharing of its benefits. A basic aspect of the withdrawal of the state from the economic sphere has been the divestment to private parties of the shares (and in some cases control) of public sector enterprises (PSUs) [or state-owned enterprises (SOEs)]. This has affected thousands of Indians, and triggered fierce political debates.

The book gives a comprehensive roundup of the why and how of SOE privatization. It provides a perspective on the past, present and future of PSU divestment from someone who has studied the process up close. Before the commentary on the Indian experience, the book touches on the historical development of the idea of private enterprise in public works, and the major theoretical positions on the state versus private ownership debate.

Public Sector in India
Role of Ownership and Competition on Efficiency
Impact of Ownership and Competition on Efficiency
New Evidence in the Indian Context

Strategy for Privatisation
Privatisation Across the World
Disinvestment in India
Review of the Disinvestment Process
Performance of Privatised Companies
The Global Experience

Performance of Disinvested Central Public Enterprises in India
The Empirical Evidence

Corporate Response to Economic Reforms







Privatised Enterprises
Then and Now

Findings, Policy Implications and Recommendations

"Provides a comprehensive review of the disinvestment process followed by India and analyzes the impact of divestiture on the performance of the divested enterprises."

Journal of Economic Literature

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