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Designing Online Experiments for the Social Sciences

Designing Online Experiments for the Social Sciences

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April 2023 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book guides you through designing and implementing an online experiment in social science research in a clear and straightforward manner. 

At an approachable pace, it covers foundational principles of good experimental design before setting out best practice for how to design and conduct web experiments, taking into account the specific methodological challenges of working online with digital tools. The book:

  • Offers practical advice for approaching every stage of the research process
  • Breaks real-world examples into easy to follow steps
  • Focuses on how to make good decisions and choose the right design for your research project

This pragmatic guide helps beginner researchers get started with online experiments confidently. It is supported by online resources such as case studies which allow you to see the concepts in practice, and weblinks to tools and resources to aid you.

Online Population-Based Survey Experiments:
The Ethics Of Online Experiments
Causal Inferences And Experiments
Sampling For PBSE
Building Your Experiment
Dealing With Missing Data And Noncompliance
Execution Of PBSE: Case Studies
The Value Of PBSE For Social Scientific Research

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ISBN: 9781529725032

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