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Culture and Cognition

Culture and Cognition
Implications for Theory and Method

  • Norbert Ross - Minnesota, University of Freiburg, Germany, Vanderbilt University, USA

January 2004 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Culture plays an important role in our everyday lives, yet the study of cultural processes and their impact on thinking and behavior is still in its infancy. This brief core text fills a void in the cross-disciplinary area of culture and cognition by providing a clear overview of approaches from varying disciplinary perspectives, discussing methodological problems as well as theoretical implications of these approaches. In addition, it discusses some of the methods and statistical tools that have been developed recently to tackle theoretical problems with promising new research strategies.
1. Culture & Cognition: Ethnography of the Mind - A Cognitive Approach to Culture
2. Cultural Studies & Comparative Design
The Logic of Cultural Studies

Cross-Cultural Studies & Comparative Design

3. Toward a Cognitive Theory of Culture
The Problem with Culture, Folk Beliefs, Scientific Concepts, & their (ab-)use

The Authenticity Crisis of Cultural Concepts: Cultural Differences & Different Cultures

Culture as Socially Transmitted Models

Toward a Cognitive Theory of Culture

The Sharing of Culture & the Exploration of Cultural Differences

Public & Private Culture: The Emergence of Shared Meaning.

4. Research Methods: Data Gathering
The Experimental Design

Scientific Methods & the Role of Participant Observation

Research Design & Field Methods

Experimental Methods in the Field: Data Collection

Cognition & Observational Studies

Social Network Analysis & Informant Agreement.

5. Patterns of Informant Agreement: Some Analytical Implications
Informant Agreement/Disagreement

Adjustment for Guessing. Agreement Pattern & Residual Analysis.

6. Combining Strength: Toward a New Science of Culture
Schemata, Cultural Models, & Consensus

A New Ethnography & an Enhanced Cognitive Science

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Subject Index

Though the book is well written the focus seems to be more on the research methods than the theory.

From the point of an undergraduate reading this and attempting to gain a wider understanding of the issues and cultural differences in Cognition it isn't much use.

Dr Pelham Carter
School of Social Science and Business, University Campus Suffolk
February 14, 2011

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