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Cultural Psychotherapy

Cultural Psychotherapy
Theory, Methods, and Practice

THE Model for Culturally Competent Psychotherapeutic Practice

November 2012 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written by a leading expert in the field of culturally competent psychotherapeutic practice, this book presents an integrated psychotherapeutic framework designed to help students and practitioners understand, investigate and treat clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. La Roche introduces a logical theoretical model that takes into account the influence of sociopolitical, economic and cultural processes (for example,, discrimination, cultural oppression, economic inequities) within the psychotherapeutic process. In addition to highlighting sociocultural forces, La Roche focuses on and emphasizes the psychotherapeutic relationship and the clients unique history and experiences. Using a three-phased psychotherapeutic model with specific clinical recommendations and suggestions for each phase, the book explores complex clinical cases that illustrate in detail each phase.Unique in its approach to and definition of the concept of cultural diversity, Cultural Psychotherapy expands the traditional ethnicity/race model to a model that examines individuals and groups according to a broader set of variables (e.g., ethnic identity, self-orientation, gender orientation, and socioeconomic class). In other words, the key to enhancing our understanding of our clients is to take into account the rich and dynamic context in which their lives develop and evolve.
Introduction: What Is Cultural Psychotherapy?
Chapter 1. Phase I: Addressing Basic Needs and Symptom Reduction
Chapter 2. Phase II: Understanding Clients' Experiences
Chapter 3. Phase III: Fostering Empowerment
Chapter 4. Addressing Cultural Differences in the Psychotherapeutic Process
Chapter 5. The Cultural Formulation and the Conceptual Foundations of Cultural Pschyotherapy
Chapter 6. Developing Culturally Competent Interventions
Chapter 7. A Clinical Illustration of the Three Phased Cultural Psychotherapeutic Model
Chapter 8. Beyond Cultural Psychotherapy: Cultural Thinking

Book offered insightful information to both myself and my students. It was easy reading for everyone.

Dr S. Alexander Riley
Arts and Health Sciences, United States University
September 21, 2013

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