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Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure

Fifth Edition

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Criminal Justice | Criminal Law

September 2022 | 792 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Chapter 1 An Introduction to Criminal Procedure
Chapter 2 The Sources of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 3 Searches and Seizures
Chapter 4 Stop and Frisk
Chapter 5 Probable Cause and Arrests
Chapter 6 Searches and Seizures of Property
Chapter 7 Inspections and Regulatory Searches
Chapter 8 Interrogations and Confessions
Chapter 9 Eyewitness and Scientific Identifications
Chapter 10 The Exclusionary Rule and Entrapment
Chapter 11 Civil and Criminal Remedies for Constitutional Violations
Chapter 12 The Initiation of the Legal Process, Bail, and the Right to Counsel
Chapter 13 The Courtroom: The Pretrial and Trial Process
Chapter 14 Sentencing and Appeals
Chapter 15 Counterterrorism

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