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Corporate Communication through Social Media

Corporate Communication through Social Media
Strategies for Managing Reputation

First Edition
  • Asha Kaul - Professor, Communication Area, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • Vidhi Chaudhri - Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

August 2017 | 252 pages | SAGE India

Social media are rapidly and dramatically transforming the communication landscape. They are purported to provide reputational benefits by promoting transparency and enhancing possibilities for stakeholder engagement. However, they also present reputational risks by exposing organizations to new types of crises, stakeholder criticism, and digital activism.

 This textbook provides a comprehensive look at social-mediated developments in corporate and organizational communication and examines the consequent implications for reputation management.

 The book takes a grounded approach in bringing together perspectives from communication and management and from scholarship and practice. It helps the reader make sense of digitalization in corporate communication and its consequences for organization–stakeholder relationships, trust, engagement, leadership, and reputation. Covering a wide spectrum of topics such as branding, consumer engagement, employee relations, crisis communication, corporate responsibility and sustainability, and the return on investment (ROI), the book maps key changes in the evolving communication landscape, with an understanding of the strategic benefits and challenges for corporate reputation.

 Key Features

  • Blend of theory and practice of social-mediated communication and implications for reputation management
  • International focus with contemporary (and classic) examples and cases
  • Link with professional practice in “Voices from the Field” feature
  • Discussion questions and activities to encourage critical reflection and informed application


Chapter 1: The New Anthem for Open Source Branding: Paradox of gaining resonance and ceding control /
The Brand, The Branded and The Branding
As the Truth Unfolds—‘Open Source Branding’
Will social media “Just do it” for branding?
Managing the New Branding Paradigm
Story Telling
Brand Entification
Managing and Building Brand Communities
Primary and Extended Brand Communities
Advergaming – Second Life
Creating Avatars
Building Brand Loyalty
I Will What I Want?—Online Threats
Marching on with the ‘Crowd’
Chapter 2: On - Demand Marketing: Social Selling, Customer Engagement and Advocacy
Calling the Shots: Consumer is the King
A Consumer Perspective
Every Day a New Discovery: Creating Synergies and Value Fusion
Creating Synergies
A caveat: Influencing
SOCIAL SELLING in the B2B and B2C Space
Rules of engagement
Crowdsourcing: A Tech Push or Market Pull?
How are Organizations Leveraging Crowdsourcing?
Does one Size Fit All? Braving the Millennial Challenge
Chapter 3: Social Media @ Work: Employees as Reputation Agents
First Things First: Setting the Context
Enterprise Social Media: What’s in it for Everyone?
Social-mediated Employee Engagement
The Fuss about Social Media @ Work: Key Points of Contention
Thinking about the Role of Employees: To Be or Not To Be?
Blurred Boundaries: The Water Cooler Moves to Social Media
Negotiating the Loss of Control: Social Media Governance
People, Organizations, and Ethics?
(Re)Kindling the Romance: The Role of Leadership and Culture
Chapter 4: Influence of Social Media on Crisis Communication
What Have Organizations to Lose?
A Crisis is a Crisis is a Crisis? (Re)Thinking Crises in the New Media Environment
Gaining Traction with Digital
Domino’s Pizza Gets a Taste of Social Media
Know Thy Stakeholder
Adapt or Reinvent? Managing Digital Crises
Are There Only Risks or Also Opportunities?
Making Sense of the Many Voices
Chapter 5: Under the Microscope: Corporate Responsibility in a Social-Mediated Era
CSR, Sustainability, Shared Value….: Why Now?
Corporate Communication of CSR: The Digital Age Beckons
Taking People Along: The ‘New Normal’ of CSR
Dialogue, Dialogue Everywhere
The Transformation of Stakeholders: Sitting Ducks to Roaring Lions?
Light on the Horizon: Millennials Driving Corporate Conscience
Greenwashing: Going, Going, Gone?
Nowhere to Hide: Transparent Leadership?
Chapter 6: Measuring the $ Spend on Social Media
“Can’t–Live-With-It-Can’t-Live-Without-It” – Then Why Measure?
What are You Out to Track: Why and How?
Data Analysis
Converting the $ Spend on Building Reputational Currency
Making a Case for Measuring Social Media Returns

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