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Journals Production

Production … What is the role of a Production Editor (PE … project managers for the production process, guiding articles and issues …

Issue Production

smooth sailing through issue production … deadlines or reminders if needed. Issue Production

Digital Products

CQ Press Library keeps you up to date—and well versed in … SAGE Journals. Digital Products

SAGE Product Training

products? The SAGE Training team creates and … researchers and students with using your SAGE digital library products … a straightforward introduction to our SAGE products and platforms, demonstrations of …

Digital Library Products

products on a wide range of subject areas across the social sciences … Try our suite of digital library products at your library today … request a trial Interested in recommending our products

Birju Shah

is currently a Group Product Manager at Uber Technologies LLP. He leads the product group for the sensor inference & vision platform teams at Uber. Prior to Uber, Birju was a product lead at Climate …

Vineet Kumar

networks, large scale data analytics (big data), and digital products and … digital products and services, and strategies firms should adopt in developing and marketing digital products. Kumar, Vineet …

Elizabeth Sharer

articles in the areas of Production Planning and Control, Forecasting, and … such as International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Production Economics, European Journal of Operational Research …

Srishti Warman

Srishti Warman is a Product Manager at Concentra Analytics. She has a keen interest in strategy, and marketing - product & business, with a key focus on customer-centricity …