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Lijuan Xu

with faculty members from across disciplines. Lijuan is the author of …

Molly Murphy

Molly Murphy has a PhD in Public Health from the University of Illinois-Chicago. She is trained in the research methods and theories associated with a variety of disciplines

Stacey Giroux

Working collaboratively and across disciplines, her research has appeared in …

Jillian H. Broadbear

Jillian H. Broadbear is senior research fellow at Spectrum, Personality Disorder Service. Her published work includes pre-clinical and clinical research within the disciplines of behavioral …

Jennifer Fane

settings and schools and is a PhD candidate in the Discipline of Public …

Paul J. Chara

in nearly two dozen content areas of psychology and other disciplines

Cheryl Schuster

Cheryl Schuster is a Consultant who bridges the disciplines of learning & development and information management – bringing information to the people who need it, at the right time and in the …

Robert G. Crosby

A dedicated researcher, he applies his methodological skills across disciplines

Greg Marston

science disciplines, including social policy, sociology, political economy …

Gerardine Doyle

interests span the disciplines of accounting, medicine, public health …