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Susan D. Phillips

perspective to the study of gender in organizations received the J.E. Hodgetts …

Leon de Caluwe

amp;quot;Veranderen moet je leren" (1997) received the ‘Best-book-of-the-year’ …

Rabi S. Bhagat

Bhagat, R. S., Dalton, J.E., & Quick, J.D. (1987) (Editors). Work …

Holmes Finch

Modeling Using R (with Holden, J.E., & Kelley, K., CRC Press, 2014 …

Michele Dillon

Women in the Church, at Fairfield University; and in 2011-12 was the JE

Kari A. O'Grady

Dr. Kari O’Grady earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and is a Psychology Professor with emphasis on resilience at the organizational and community level.  She has published widely on organizational and community resilience and has been an invited keynote speaker for several institutions throughout the world.