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a good overview of standard approaches and methods in political research … direct from the SAGE website. Please note this discount offer is … SAGE is delighted to offer International Political Science …

Your teacher training journey

It is at this point that you may experience challenges you weren’t …   *This is an edited extract from … Starting your teacher training journey is

Making Decisions

its affiliates about their products and services. This is an “attribute” … Accept - No further revision required. The manuscript is publishable in its current form. The majority of articles require revision before reaching this

How to Be a Peer Reviewer Webinar - key questions

does not seem to be a good fit in terms of quality, include this in your … older, note this as well. It is important that authors have included the … is optimal of use for the section? This section should …

Peer review best practice

final decision to reviewers is good practice and helps foster a sense of … Is the paper original? Is

Indexing & Discoverability

good stewards of our published metadata, which is widely distributed to … the research community. The following information outlines our current … academic libraries and other research institutions. We focus our efforts on …

Super quick advice

other people's arguments and beliefs. Critical thinking is vital in this … and research methods authors, Super Quick Skills is here to the rescue with tried and tested …

Referencing made easy

This, as the title suggests, means any reference is presented as … This is added at the end of the essay, in … This is added at the end of the essay, in the reference section. It …

Author Q&A

enough is enough. It is important for people of good will to stand up to … if any gender inequalities exist, that’s just the way the workplace is … Why is International Women’s Day so important …