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Cats relax to the sound of music

It is widely accepted that, in humans, music confers numerous benefits. An extensive body of research indicates that these benefits extend even to patients under general anaesthesia, and include reduced perceived pain, anxiety and stress.

SAGE Publishing to publish the Ear, Nose, & Throat Journal

Beginning in 2019, SAGE Publishing is to publish the Ear, Nose & Throat Journal (ENT Journal).

The ENT Journal provides original, peer-reviewed clinical articles and case reports to its audience of ears, nose, and throat professionals, highlighting new scientific research and innovative approaches to treatment and case management. Previously published by Vendome, the journal utilizes multiple channels to deliver authoritative and timely content that informs, engages, and shapes the industry.

Sage Journal Packages

Whether your library needs the full, interdisciplinary collection dating back to volume 1, issue 1, or a specific, focused collection targeted to your researchers’ interests, Sage can help you build the perfect fit by providing several journals package options to fit your libraries needs.

Pricing for new drugs lacks transparency

The system that allows patients rapid access to expensive new treatments lacks transparency and penalises small and low-income countries unable to negotiate lower prices with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

SAGE launches open access journal, Academic Pathology

Official Publication of the Association of Pathology Chairs

Los Angeles, CA. SAGE today announces the launch of Academic Pathology, a new open access journal that addresses the innovations in leadership and management of academic departments of Pathology. Sponsored by the Association of Pathology Chairs, the journal will begin publication in 2015.


As part of our commitment to ensuring an ethical, transparent and fair peer review and publication process, SAGE is trialling the adoption of CRediT (Contributor Roles Taxonomy) on several of our journals. CRediT is a high-level taxonomy, including 14 roles, which is used to describe each author’s individual contributions to the work. 

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Men in recovery from Ebola should wear condoms for at least 3 months

Los Angeles, CA - A new article reports that despite a clear lack of research on male survivors of Ebola, the current recommended practice of waiting at least three months after recovery to have unprotected sex should be upheld. This study was published today in Reproductive Sciences, a SAGE journal.