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Contemporary Criminal Law

Contemporary Criminal Law
Concepts, Cases, and Controversies

Sixth Edition

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Crime and Law | Criminal Justice

March 2022 | 565 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Providing a current view that prompts students to read and analyze, Contemporary Criminal Law, Sixth Edition combines the concepts taught in undergraduate criminal law courses with thought-provoking cases and engaging learning tools. Covering emerging legal topics including constitutional rights, consent, arson, identity theft, and hate crimes all applied through real life examples that students recognize and connect to. Author Matthew Lippman clearly defines and explains criminal law and defenses as well as provides cases and discussion questions to stimulate critical thinking and in-class discussion. Additionally, readers are challenged to interact with the text through pedagogical features, giving their decisions based on factual cases and analysis of the complex legal system. 
Chapter 1 The Nature, Purpose, and Function of Criminal Law
Chapter 2 Constitutional Limitations
Chapter 3 Punishment and Sentencing
Chapter 4 Actus Reus
Chapter 5 Mens Rea, Concurrence, Causation
Chapter 6 Parties to Crime and Vicarious Liability
Chapter 7 Attempt, Conspiracy, and Solicitation
Chapter 8 Justifications
Chapter 9 Excuses
Chapter 10 Homicide
Chapter 11 Criminal Sexual Conduct, Assault and Battery, Kidnapping, and False Imprisonment
Chapter 12 Burglary, Trespass, Arson, and Mischief
Chapter 13 Crimes Against Property
Chapter 14 White-Collar Crime
Chapter 15 Crimes Against Public Order and Morality
Chapter 16 Crimes Against the State


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