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Comparative Youth Justice

Comparative Youth Justice

Edited by:

May 2006 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'In this pathbreaking volume Muncie and Goldson bring together leading authors to examine and compare youth justice systems around the world. Comparative Youth Justice will be of interest to all criminologists concerned with comparative penal policy and will be essential to all scholars of youth justice' - Professor Tim Newburn, London School of Economics and Political Science and President of the British Society of Criminology

'Comparative Youth Justice is what we need in an era of hardening social policies and irresponsible political demagoguery: thoughtful critiques, comparative analysis, and a commitment to the rights of youth. John Muncie and Barry Goldson have done a fine job of bringing together a group of commentators who know the inner workings of juvenile justice and what it will take to change the current law and order model. A book that is required reading for practitioners, professors, policy makers, researchers, and students concerned about the bankrupt state of juvenile justice and willing to consider new ideas and directions' - Tony Platt, California State University, Sacramento

With contributions from leading commentators from 13 different countries, this carefully integrated edited collection comprises the most authoritive comparative analysis of international youth justice currently available.

However, Comparative Youth Justice is not simply an attempt to document national similarities and differences, but looks critically at how global trends are translated at the local level. This book also examines how youth justice is implemented in practice with a view to promoting change as well as reflection.

Each chapter addresses key critical issues:

- the degree of compliance with international law;

- the extent of repenalistion;

- adulteration;

- tolerance;

- the impact of experiments in restoration and risk management.

This book is designed as a companion volume to Youth Crime and Justice, edited by Barry Goldson and John Muncie, published simultaneously by SAGE Publications.

'This is a brilliant set of edited volumes that will be an indispensable and timely source of information and analysis for anyone with an interest in issues of youth justice and comparative criminology.'

David A. Green, Oxford University

Barry Krisberg
Rediscovering the Juvenile Justice Ideal in the United States
Russell Smandych
Repenalisation and Young Offenders' Rights

John Muncie and Barry Goldson
England and Wales
The New Correctionalism

Sophie Gendrot
The Politicisation of Youth Justice

Jolande uit Beijerse and René van Swaaningen
The Netherlands
Penal Welfarism and Risk Management

Trevor Bradley, Juan Tauri and Reece Walters
Demythologising Youth Justice in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Chris Cunneen and Rob White
Control, Containment or Empowerment?

Johan Put and Lode Walgrave
From Protection Towards Accountability?

Lesley McAra
Welfare in Crisis?
Key Developments in Scottish Youth Justice

Mark Fenwick
From Child Protection to Penal Populism

David Nelken
A lesson in Tolerance?

Tapio Lappi-Seppälä
A Model of Tolerance?

John Muncie and Barry Goldson
States of Transition
Convergence and Diversity in International Youth Justice


Excellent book for comparative justice course.

Dr Stephanie Bush-Baskette
Other, Rutgers University
November 5, 2011

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