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Comparative-Historical Methods

Comparative-Historical Methods

November 2012 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This bright, engaging title provides a thorough and integrated review of comparative-historical methods. It sets out an intellectual history of comparative-historical analysis and presents the main methodological techniques employed by researchers, including:

- comparative-historical analysis,

- case-based methods,

- comparative methods

- data, case selection and theory.

Matthew Lange has written a fresh, easy to follow introduction which showcases classic analyses, offers clear methodological examples and describes major methodological debates. It is a comprehensive, grounded book which understands the learning and research needs of students and researchers.

Comparative-Historical Methods: An Introduction
An Intellectual History and Overview of Comparative-Historical Analysis
The Within-Case Methods in Comparative-Historical Analysis
Within-Case Methods and the Analysis of Temporality and Inter-Case Relations
The Comparative Methods of Comparative-Historical Analysis
Combining Comparative and Within-Case Methods for Comparative-Historical Analysis
Data, Case Selection and Theory in Comparative-Historical Analysis
Comparative-Historical Methods: Conclusion and Assessment

A very good reading with clear and concise narrative on the spectrum of comparative-historical methods in social sciences with examples of effective evaluation of these methods and good guidance for students on how and when to apply these methods.

Dr Natalia Piskunova
International Relations, Institute of International Studies, Mgimo-Moscow
March 30, 2015

It is extremely helpful to be able to offer this text for doctoral students. It is available at all our seminar sessions.

Ms Zoe Bennett
Humanities and Social Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University
November 22, 2013

excellent book.
will definitely included it as recommended reading, might even adopt it as essential reading

Dr Silke Roth
Division of Sociology and Social Policy, Southampton University
March 13, 2013

Matthew Lange covers in his book a limited and somewhat specific area of historial studies. Comparative-Historial Methods provides core guidelines for historians who are not content with following a simple narrative, but endeavour more ambitious comparative projects. So far this approach has been neglected in historiography. Any researcher and advanced student will be grateful for this book.

Christian Schnee
Worcester Business School, Worcester University
March 10, 2013

This book offers a very specific commentary which will be useful to a small group of students

Mrs Victoria Ridgway
Nursing , Chester University
March 6, 2013

Useful book because there currently is no single-author monograph on comparative historical methods.

Professor Ingo Rohlfing
Political Science, University of Cologne
December 31, 2012

Besides its concentration on developments in the U.S. the book offers a good overview nad will be listed as supplemental reading in my courses

Professor Christian Fleck
Dep of Sociology, University of Graz
December 17, 2012

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