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Comparative Development of India & China

Comparative Development of India & China
Economic, Technological, Sectoral & Socio-cultural Insights

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Neena Sondhi - Shashi Budhiraja Chair Professor for Management Research at the International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi, India
  • Ramakrushna Panigrahi - Professor of Economics at IMI Bhubaneswar, India
  • Miao Pang - Senior Research Fellow at Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (SASS), China
  • Rajashri Chatterjee - Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting at IMI Kolkata, India

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January 2021 | 508 pages | SAGE Spectrum
The prodigious economic growth of India and China over the last three decades has ensured their rightful prominence in the global economic order. The two players opened up their respective economies to liberalization and market regulations, which led to a tectonic shift from agriculture-based economies to manufacturing and service-based economies. In this context, Comparative Development of India and China offers contemporary research on economic, technological, sectoral and sociocultural issues by highlighting the opportunities as well as vulnerabilities in the development of the two fastest growing nations in the world. It unveils the similarities of thought and practices, and explores the plethora of possibilities for collaborative effort that may serve to contribute to the prosperity and progress of both the countries. The perspectives presented by various Indian and Chinese scholars in this edited volume provide varied outlooks and insights on these two nations, albeit within a single thematic framework.
PART I Economic and Technological Insights
Rajashri Chatterjee and Arindam Banik
Learning from the Asian Experiences: A Commentary Based on China and India
Ramakrushna Panigrahi
Indo-Chinese Economic Development Models in Post Reforms Era
Xiaojuan Zhou
BCIM Economic Corridor from the Perspective of Sino-Indian Cooperation
Zujun Liao and Delang Song
A Comparative Analysis of Poverty Reduction Patterns of China and India
Xiwei Huang
Migrant Workers’ Well-being: A Comparative Study Based on China and India
Yufei Wei
A Comparative Study of the Pension Systems in China and India
Ying Cao
Sino-Indian Manufacturing Based on Malmquist Index Decomposition
Jixiang Chen
Impact of Manufacturing Intelligence on Employment of Labourers Shifted from Agriculture in China and India
Devesh Baid
Comparison of Management Control Frameworks for Modern Day Organizations
Mudit Gera
Ethics and Privacy Concerns in Today’s ‘Digital India’
Rohit Vishal Kumar
Impact of Indian Festivals on Imports from China: An Exploratory Study
PART II Sectoral Insights
Rahul Gupta Choudhury
Marketing Strategy and Performance of Firms in India
Arnab K. Deb and Kalpana Tokas
Manufacturing–Services Nexus: A Global Value Chain Analysis for India and China
Deepak Tandon, Shubham Raghuwanshi, Kanika Jain and Neelam Tandon
Power Performance and Profitability Determinants in Indian and Chinese Banks
Yun Fang
A Comparative Study of the Deposit Insurance Systems in India and China
Nidhi Yadav
Price Dispersion in Retail Market in India
Rituparna Basu and Sayani Mandal
Retailing in China and India: A Critical Review
Fuping Yan
Development of Film Culture Industry in China and India: A Comparative Study
Weimin Huang
Traditional Medical and Health Tourism in China and India: A Comparative Study
PART III Socio-cultural Insights
Huan Yang
‘The Belt and Road’ Initiative and Cultural Exchanges between China and India
Xiannong Yang
Deng Xiaoping’s Historical Contribution to China–India Relations
Bo Shen and Xiaofeng Xing
‘The Belt and Road’ Initiative and Cultural Exchanges between Sichuan Province and India
Jie Da and Renjie Yu
A Study on the Motivation Mechanism of China–India Tourism Cooperation
Soni Agrawal and Roma Puri
Green HR Practices and Employee Pro-environmental Behaviour: A Study on India and China
Xiongfeng Liu
The Integration of Indian Buddhist Culture into East Asian Cultures
Huajun Yang
The Role of Southern Silk Road in Promoting International Peace

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