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Communal Politics

Communal Politics
Facts versus Myths

First Edition
  • Ram Puniyani - Chairman, Center for Study of Society and Secularism, Mumbai

March 2003 | 308 pages | SAGE India
This lucid and absorbing book explores many facets of communalism and its growing threat to the social fabric of the nation. Ram Puniyani argues that one of the main reasons for the ascendancy of communal politics is the misconceptions and distortions spread by those bent upon constructing an identity based on suspicion and hatred. These misconceptions (or myths as the author calls them) are drawn from different arenas such as history and culture and are built upon a partial projection of events and `facts`combined with a skewed assertion of norms and practices of the `other` community. A mountain of hatred, says the author, is then built upon these totally selective `facts` which misinform and mould common perceptions.

Overall, this fascinating book dispels, in a novel and logical manner, many distortions which have been responsible for arousing communal passions and which have created an external or `enemy` image of religious minorities and the socially disadvantaged.
Ancient India: Was it a Golden Period?
Medieval India: Dark Era or Foundations of Syncretism?
Gandhi and Godse: Nationalism, Hindutva and the Freedom Struggle
The Partition: Who was Responsible?
The Kashmir Imbroglio: How Green is the Valley?
The Babri Masjid - Ram Janambhoomi Dispute: Abode of Ram or House of Allah?
Minorities in Secular India: Appeasement or Maltreatment?
Crime and (No) Punishment: Communal Violence, Inquiry Commissions and Deliverance of Justice
Spreading the Word: Conversions and Anti-Christian Violence
Ram Rajya: Religious Nationalism or Secular Democracy
Hindutva: Fanatical Faith or Political Tool?
Unmaking the State: Rewriting the Constitution
God Willing: Genesis of Terrorism, Motives of War and Islam
The Gujarat Experiment: Programmed for Pogrom

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