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Theories and Applications

Tenth Edition

April 2022 | 520 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Cognition by Stephen K. Reed is a classic text for the undergraduate Cognitive Psychology course now available in a completely revised and updated tenth edition. One of the first texts published for this course, Cognition 10e provides students with an overview of the origins of this experimental field and makes connections with our current understanding of various cognitive processes through deep dives into classic and current research findings.

The chapter organization and an accompanying visual framework illustrate how cognitive processes are connected, and empirically-based pedagogy and exercises promote critical thinking. The new tenth edition features a new, full-color design, streamlined coverage of text and language processing, and new research findings in the areas of cognitive neuroscience, linguistics, and robotics.
1. Introduction
P A R T 1 Cognitive Components
2. Pattern Recognition
3. Attention
4. Working Memory
5. Long-term Memory
6. Action
P A R T 2 Cognitive Representations
7. Memory Codes
8. Visual Images
9. Categorization
10. Semantic Organization
P A R T 3 Cognitive Skills
11. Language
12. Decision Making
13. Problem Solving
14. Expertise and Creativity

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