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Client Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Client Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Person-centred Practice

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November 2011 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This is the first book to focus on commonly occurring client issues and explore how to work with them from a person-centred perspective. Extensive case studies translate person-centred theory into effective practice, enabling therapists to work successfully with clients presenting a variety of different problems including:

- Post Traumatic Stress

- Depression

- Panic and Anxiety

- Drug and Alcohol Issues

- Eating difficulties

- Self harm

- Childhood Sexual Abuse

Each chapter covers the origin and meaning of the difficulty, the person-centred therapeutic approach and process, and the outcomes. Drawing from a combined 50 years of experience in the field, Paul Wilkins and Janet Tolan bring together leading person-centred therapists to address how and why each problem can be eased by means of working with the person.

This book should be on the desk of every counselling and psychotherapy trainee, and is recommended reading for other practitioners of health and social care working with these client groups.

Paul Wilkins and Janet Tolan
Sheila Haugh
A Person-Centred Approach to Loss and Bereavement
Allan Turner
Person-Centred Approaches to Trauma, Critical Incidents and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Jane Power
Person-Centred Therapy with Adults Sexually Abused as Children
Kirshen Rundle
Person-Centred Therapy with People Experiencing Depression: When You Can't Just Snap out of It
Richard Bryant-Jefferies
Anxiety and Panic: Person-Centred Interpretations and Responses
Kirshen Rundle
Person-Centred Approaches to Different Realities
Rose Cameron
Working with Drug and Alcohol Issues
Barbara Douglas
Working with Clients Who Have Eating Problems
Rose Cameron
A Person-Centred Perspective on Self-Injury
Paul Wilkins and Janet Tolan
Person-Centred Therapy in Practice

Helpful for answering trainees questions and stimulating class discussion about the types of issues clients bring to therapy.

Ms Raje Suzanne Airey
Counselling Dept, Colchester Institute
October 9, 2012

An essential read and reference point for those students on a Person-Centred programme of study and of relevance to those undertaking trainings in other orientations which take account of the person-centred perspective.

Mrs Anne Smith
Counselling & Psychotherapy, Liverpool John Moores University
July 31, 2012

As always Janet Tolan really delivers. This is an insightful, thoughfu provoking book. it is essential reading for all person centred counsellors.

Miss Caroline Gilchrist
Access, City of Wolverhampton College
June 27, 2012

another excellent book by Janet tolan. The case studies are brillant.

Mrs Mary Sherrill
Health & Social Care, Tresham Institute
April 5, 2012

This book looks as some key client issues that are seen by counsellors, it is accessible and up to date, and contains useful case examples.
So helpful to look at this material from the person-centred perspective.

Mrs Sarah Jones
Education and Training, Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology
February 20, 2012

Good addition to person-centred training library, with a concise introduction to theory and a diversity of writers on client issues in practice.

Mr James Pope
HE Counselling, King George V College
February 17, 2012

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