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Client Assessment

Client Assessment

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March 1997 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This chunky little book is packed with interesting approaches to the currently fashionable area of client assessment.... This is a book for any counsellor or counsellor trainee's shelf, a necessary reference for the sound professional' - Counselling News

`The comprehensive series of essays... is a timely contribution.... This book is about being professional and effective... a valuable multimodal life inventory for use with clients is provided' - Counselling, The Journal of The British Association for Counselling

What information will help you assess the therapeutic needs of a client? Could you identify a suicidal client? How can you tell whether or not you are working with appropriate clients? Answering these and other questions, this book sheds light on a crucial, but often neglected, area of counselling. The authors provide clear guidelines, backed up by practice points, which clarify the assessment, monitoring and evaluation of clients.

The book adopts a broad approach, transcending specific counselling theories and covering the main issues involved at key stages in the client/counsellor relationship - from the initial contact, through monitoring of the therapeutic programme, to ending the counselling process. Areas examined include: assessing the best type of therapy for each client; identifying the client's therapeutic goals; history taking; referral; and evaluating goal achievement.

Gladeanna McMahon is presenter of the ITV programme Dial A Mum.

Stephen Palmer
What Do You Say after You Say `Er'?
Peter Ruddell
General Assessment Issues
Gladeana McMahon
Client History Taking and Associated Administration
Berni Curwen
Medical and Psychiatric Assessment
Peter Ruddell and Berni Curwen
What Type of Help?
Mark Aveline
Assessing for Optimal Therapeutic Intervention
Patricia Armstrong
Assessment and Accountability
Stephen Palmer
Modality Assessment
Carole Sutton
Reviewing and Evaluating Therapeutic Progress

This is one of most useful and accessible books on the subject of client assessment. It gives clear guidance to the range of considerations in what is one of foundations behind a productive Counselling Relationship. A must have for Students, and one to keep accessible.

Mr Mike Bancroft
Counselling, Alton College
January 21, 2011

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