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China and India

China and India
History, Culture, Cooperation and Competition

First Edition
Edited by:

October 2016 | 260 pages | SAGE India

A close look at two of the world’s most resilient and upcoming economies to understand their growth and development trajectories 

This book brings together scholars and academicians from China as well as India to present a well-rounded perspective on various important cross-country issues and their implications. Comprehensive in approach, it encompasses history, culture, political relations and current business strategies of both the nations.

The book explores the differences in the functioning of Indian and Chinese economies and identifies the prime factors responsible for this. In order to have an in-depth understanding of the causes, the contribution of sociocultural factors and the role of political and strategic relationships are also closely examined. 

Zou Yiqing
Indus Civilisation and Ancient Shu Civilisation: A Comparative Study
Duan Yu
Unfolding the Westerly Transmission of Chinese Silk
Xiang Baoyun
Sino-Indian Cultural Differences and Their Impact on Tourism
Sanjoy Mukherjee
India, China and Beyond: Tagorean Insights into Culture, Leadership and Human Development for Management
Huang Weimin
China and India: Cultural and Religious Exchanges in the 15th Century
Jian Li
China’s Enlightenment by Indian Strategies of Cultural Soft Power
Li Jingfeng
Driving Force and Constraints of BCIM Economic Corridor
Chen Jixiang
The U.S. “Pivot to Asia” and China–Pakistan Relations: Implications on China–India Relations
Xie Jing
China and India Cooperation in Afghanistan
Sriparna Basu
Multiple Paths to Globalisation: The India–China Story
Arindam Banik and Arnab Deb
Regional Inequality over the Post-Globalisation Era: A Study on India and China
Prageet Aeron and B A Metri
Manufacturing Policies and Strategies across China and India: A Comparative Analysis
Paramita Mukherjee and Rajashri Chatterjee
Corporate Social Responsibility Practices: A Comparative Study of India and Asia
Paramita M Nag
Health Care Sectors of India and China: A Comparative Study of Performances and Challenges
Tirthankar Nag,Arindam Banik, Pang Miao and Chen Jixiang
Social Responsibility Strategies in China and India: A Comparative Exploration

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