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CBT Supervision

CBT Supervision

March 2015 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

What is good CBT supervision? What makes an effective supervisor? How can qualified CBT therapists learn to become good CBT supervisors who work effectively with their supervisees?

These are some of the questions addressed in this practical new book, examining what it takes to be a competent and confident CBT supervisor. Using the authors' unique framework of learning – the PURE Supervision Flower – the book equips trainees with the skills and competencies needed to #strong

/strong#repare for, undertake, refine and enhance supervision practice across a wide range of settings.


Structured around the PURE Supervision Flower, the book is divided into four parts:



/strong#reparing for Supervision explores how to establish an effective and ethical base from which supervision can occur

Undertaking Supervision focuses on the practical delivery of CBT Supervision

Refining Supervision offers insights into managing the supervisory process and relationship

Enhancing Supervision hones competencies by considering complex ethical challenges and CPD.


Packed with activities, tips, case studies and reflective questions to help consolidate learning, this is essential reading for CBT practitioners training in and already providing supervision across a range of settings.

Preparing for Supervision
Know your Brand: Identifying your Position on the CBT Landscape
Understand the Context: Identifying your Key Stakeholders
Negotiate a Contract: Preparing the Terms of the Learning Agreement
Undertaking Supervision
Structure your Sessions: Creating the Architecture of CBT Supervision
Choose your Interventions: Selecting Methods to Enhance Proficiency
Assess Competence: Developing an Effective Approach
Refining Supervision
Develop the Relationship: Using the Supervisory Alliance as a Source of Learning
Manage Power: Creating a Balanced Relationship within Supervision
Resolve Resistance and Ruptures: Working with Relational Challenges
Enhancing Supervision
Address Ethical Dilemmas: Developing a Coherent Approach
Assess your Supervisory Skill: Building Methods to Evaluate Practice
Increase Your Expertise: Developing and Looking After the Self

A practical and insightful book on supervision, with a much broader application than its CBT orientation. Guiding supervisors and supervisees in the use and support of good supervisory practice.

Mrs Lindsay Schofield
PICT, Penny Parks Training
August 7, 2016

This a an immensely helpful text - providing a comprehensive understanding of supervision alongside practical and enabling guidance. Whilst CBT based, this is a text that offers great support, insight and professional development in skills and reflective learning to supervisors from all disciplines

Mrs Lindsay Schofield
PICT, Penny Parks Training
August 19, 2015

This is a very comprehensive book covering aspects of supervision from both the supervisee and supervisor perspective. Would be good for most CBT therapists even before they become supervisors.

While this is relevant to the practice of step 3 high intensity CBT it does not cover low intensity step 2 CBT.

Ms Helen Maharaj
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Surrey University
May 21, 2015

A really good thought provoking book that is presented in a concise way. The book is helpful in providing insights into the supervisor - supervisee relationship and how to manage this to best effect.

Miss laura driesen
Division of Health and Social Care, Surrey University
August 2, 2015

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