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Cases in Organizational Behaviour

Cases in Organizational Behaviour
Perspectives from the New-Gen Workplace

First Edition
  • Mathew J. Manimala - Former Professor and Chairperson, OB-HRM Area, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore, India
  • V. Vijaya - Faculty, Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli
  • Ajit Chakravarti - Chairman and Founder Director, Mindware Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
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November 2018 | 504 pages | SAGE Texts

New-gen organizations are different in their design, structure, culture and processes; new-gen employees are different in their attitudes, aspirations and behaviour—they need to be managed differently.

With the development of new-gen organizations and the emergence of new-gen professionals, there is a need to document the behavioural issues and concerns of these workplaces. Cases in Organizational Behaviour presents 120 cases from the new-gen workplace that provide the readers insights into ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ facets of the corporate lives of new-gen professionals. Based on real-life work experiences of corporate executives working with indigenous or multinational organizations operating in India, these cases address a variety of issues faced by professionals in new-gen organizations and their behavioural implications at the workplace.

Key Features

• 120 cases, classified under 10 major sub-themes of organizational behaviour (OB), covering as many as 18 professional sectors

• Ideal for educating and training students aspiring to be part of new-gen organizations and employees already working with them

• A general introduction along with abstracts and discussion questions for each case, to assist instructors and participants
Foreword by Pradip N. Khandwalla
Part I : Organizational Behaviour: Concepts, Methods and the Importance of Case-based Teaching and Learning
Introduction: OB as a Discipline
The Cases and the Subthemes: An Overview of the Concepts and Issues
PART II: Abstracts, Cases and Questions
Theme I: Personality
1.1 Case: Turbulence of the Taciturn
1.2 Case: Speed Thrills but Kills
1.3 Case: The Boss and the Beautiful
1.4 Case: The Frightened Soul
1.5 Case: Friendly Fire
1.6 Case: Taming the Workhorse
1.7 Case: The Greener Pasture
1.8 Case: A Quarrelsome Triad
1.9 Case: The Litmus Test
1.10 Case: Incorrigible Jack
1.11 Case: The Thorny Rose
1.12 Case: The Silent Revolt
Theme II: Perception and Communication
2.1 Case: Heart to Heart!
2.2 Case: Unfair Appraisal
2.3 Case: Disastrous Delegation
2.4 Case: Survival of the Unfit
2.5 Case: The Broken Promise
2.6 Case: Crash of the High Flyer
2.7 Case: The Step into Quicksand
2.8 Case: The Tyranny of the New Boss
2.9 Case: A Perplexing Situation
2.10 Case: In Search of a Mentor
Theme III: Attitudes and Values
3.1 Case: In the Name of Recognition
3.2 Case: Pursuit of Personal Goals
3.3 Case: The Bad Apple
3.4 Case: The Playboy
3.5 Case: Value for Whom?
3.6 Case: To Be Or Not To Be?
3.7 Case: Rusted Iron
3.8 Case: A Hobson’s Choice
3.9 Case: The Diligent New Entrant
3.10 Case: Mending Fences
3.11 Case: Gripped by Fear
3.12 Case: Troubles Galore
3.13 Case: Times Have Changed
Theme IV: Leadership
4.1 Case: Back to Square One
4.2 Case: ‘Dev, the Devil’
4.3 Case: Could There Be a Silver Lining?
4.4 Case: The Great Let Down
4.5 Case: Protector or Predator
4.6 Case: The New Manager with a New Style
4.7 Case: An Imbroglio
4.8 Case: The Aftermath
4.9 Case: All Is Well That Ends Well?
4.10 Case: A Battle for Survival
4.11 Case: A Team in Disarray
4.12 Case: Wielding the Stick
4.13 Case: Walking the Tight Rope
Theme V: Power and Politics
5.1 Case: Games Managers Play
5.2 Case: The American Dream
5.3 Case: The Rat Race
5.4 Case: The Unresponsive Boss
5.5 Case: Unrewarded Performers
5.6 Case: The Boss of Lies
5.7 Case: Blow Your Trumpet
5.8 Case: Good Work, Bad Luck
5.9 Case: Algorithm for Career Success
5.10 Case: Confronting the Corrupt
5.11 Case: The Partisan Politics
5.12 Case: The Fading Melody
Theme VI: Jobs and Roles
6.1 Case: Victim of Friendship
6.2 Case: Perils of Performance
6.3 Case: Doing More with Less
6.4 Case: Collegial Boss
6.5 Case: Fickle Fortune
6.6 Case: Achiever’s Curse
6.7 Case: Appraisal Blues
6.8 Case: Etch Or Erase
6.9 Case: Square Peg in a Round Hole
6.10 Case: Misfit for the New Role
6.11 Case: Shocks at Shock Electricals
6.12 Case: Double Trouble
6.13 Case: Siya’s Predicament
Theme VII: Conflict and Collaboration
7.1 Case: Management of Convenience
7.2 Case: Two Sides of the Coin
7.3 Case: Stealing Credits
7.4 Case: No Respite In Sight
7.5 Case: At the Crossroads
7.6 Case: A Tough Call
7.7 Case: No Way Out
7.8 Case: Saga of the Merged Team
7.9 Case: Deep in Quandary
7.10 Case: Irreconcilable Differences
Theme VIII: Group and Team Dynamics
8.1 Case: The Wolf and the Lamb
8.2 Case: The Boss’s Favourite!
8.3 Case: The Fun Team
8.4 Case: Trekking with the Team
8.5 Case: A Tall Man in Lilliput
8.6 Case: The Blame Game!
8.7 Case: Instant Stars
8.8 Case: The Silent Rebellion
8.9 Case: Different Rules for Different People
8.10 Case: An Unpleasant Episode
8.11 Case: Heydays Bygone!
8.12 Case: Musical Chair
Theme IX: Culture and Diversity
9.1 Case: In the Name of Protection
9.2 Case: On the Horns of a Dilemma
9.3 Case: In Search of a Rescue Plan
9.4 Case: Colliding Cultures
9.5 Case: Silence of the Lamb
9.6 Case: Birds of the Same Feather
9.7 Case: Sense and Sensitivity
9.8 Case: The Unchanging Season
9.9 Case: Different Strokes for Different Folks
9.10 Case: Pursuit of Passion
9.11 Case: Nowhere to Escape
9.12 Case: The Achievement Problem
9.13 Case: Volks Services Company
Theme X: Managing Change
10.1 Case: A Tough Battle
10.2 Case: Skeptics and Converts
10.3 Case: Time for Change
10.4 Case: Client Is King
10.5 Case: Thorn in the Flesh
10.6 Case: You Can’t Have the Cake and Eat It Too
10.7 Case: Metrics and Standards of Quality
10.8 Case: Heads I Win,Tails You Lose
10.9 Case: The Fading Spark
10.10 Case: The Erratic Entrepreneur
10.11 Case: Great Expectations
10.12 Case: The Lingering Doubt
Theme Index
Case Index
Subject Index


Cases in Organizational Behavior: Perspectives from the New-Gen Workplace’ is an amazing book for reasons more than one. First, this is a book not on the traditional workplace, rather the New-gen organizations which are different in their design, structure, culture, and processes. Much in the same way, new-gen employees are different in their attitudes, aspirations, and behavior. Obviously, they need to be managed in a different way.

The second reason why this volume is useful is that the author trio has vast experience in the subject. Their perception and familiarity are well-acknowledged in the field.”

Odisha plus, 4th September 2019

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