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C Wright Mills

C Wright Mills

Three Volume Set
Edited by:

September 2004 | 1 168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
C.Wright Mills (1917-63) was one of the great sociologists and leading public intellectuals of the last century. His contribution to the sociology of power elites, industrial relations, bureaucracy, social structure and personality, reformist and revolutionary politics and the sociological imagination are seminal.

These three volumes, edited by one of America's most influential sociologists and cultural commentators, provides an unparalleled resource for understanding the intellectual relevance of Mill's writings. Mill's engagement with contemporary issues and his sociological vision emerge powerfully. The challenge he offers to sociologists is reassessed and reaffirmed.

This is a landmark collection which provides a timely and masterful critical assessment of Mills's contribution.

Volume One
Irving Howe
Possibilities for Politics
Aaron Levenstein
Labor's Leaders
Joseph Shister
Important Study of Union Leaders
A A Berle Jr
Are the Blind Leading the Blind?
R H S Crossman
Grooming for Power
Michael Harrington
The Power Elite
Stuart Chase
Do Rich Folks, Bosses and War Lords Run America?
Marcus Cunliffe
American Trends
Robert S Lynd
Power in the United States
Bernard Rosenberg & E V Walter
The Power Elite
Two Views

Harry L Gracey & C Arnold Anderson
Review of The Power Elite by C Wright Mills
Daniel Bell
The Power Elite Reconsidered
Edwin Berry Burgum
American Sociology in Transition
George Lichtheim
Rethinking World Politics
A Critique of Some Recent Contributions

William Kornhauser
Two Views of Mass Society
Talcott Parsons
The Distribution of Power in American Society
Norbert Wiley
C Wright Mills' Idea of the Good Society
Irving L Horowitz
The Dragons of Marxism
William Spinrad
The Socio-Political Orientations of C Wright Mills
An Evaluation

Donald Clark Hodges
The Fourth Epoch Epilogue to the Unfinished Social Philosophy of C Wright Mills
J L Simich and Rick Tilman
Radicalism versus Liberalism
C Wright Mills' Critique of John Dewey's Ideas

Irving Louis Horowitz
C Wright Mills' Power Elite
A Twenty-Five-Year Retrospective

Donald McQuarie
The 'Plain Marxism' of C Wright Mills
Frederick Swan
Toward a New Democratic Political Theory
Contributions by C Wright Mills

Joseph A Scimecca
A Problem for the Sociology of Knowledge
Similarities in the Thought of Antonio Gramsci and C Wright Mills

John Alt
Reclaiming C Wright Mills
Fred Halliday
Theory and Ethics in International Relations
The Contradictions of C Wright Mills

Robert Udick
A Letter from History
C Wright Mills and Francis Fukuyama

Kim Sawchuk
The Cultural Apparatus
C Wright Mills' Unfinished Work

Volume Two
Ralph Miliband
C Wright Mills
Christopher Lasch
A Typology of Intellectuals
The Example of C Wright Mills

Charles Lemert
Whole Life Social Theory
Christopher Lasch
Conscience, Reason and Imagination
C Wright Mills and the Life of the Mind

Barbara H Chasin
C Wright Mills, Pessimistic Radical
Nobuko Gerth
Hans H Gerth and C Wright Mills
Partnership and Partisanship

Margot L Lyon
C Wright Mills Meets Prozac
The Relevance of 'Social Emotion' to the Sociology of Health and Illness

Robert J S Ross interviewed by A Javier Trevino
The Influence of C Wright Mills on Students for a Democratic Society
An Interview with Bob Ross

Norman K Denzin
Ethics in the Academy
Christian Fleck
Review of Collaboration, Reputation and Ethics in American Academic Life
Donald A Nielsen
Hans H Gerth, C Wright Mills and the Legacy of Max Weber
Jennifer Platt
Symbiosis or Parasitism
Ethics and Practice in the Social System of Sociology

Andy Merrifeld
An American Aboriginal
A Review of C Wright Mills: Letters and Autobiographical Writings

Dennis H Wrong
C Wright Mills Recalled
Charles E Merriam
Review of From Max Weber; Essays in Sociology
D W Brogan
Rise and Decline of a Class
Gordon Haskell
The Middle Class in U S Society
Irving Howe
The New Middle Class
Dwight Macdonald
Abstractio Ad Absurdum
Dennis H Wrong
Our Troubled Middle Classes
Phillip Rieff
Socialism and Sociology
Harry Alpert
Revolt in the Social Sciences
Arthur K Davis
Sociology without Clothes
Louis Feuer and Philip Selznick
A Symposium on C Wright Mills' The Sociological Imagination
Sidney M Peck
Post-Modern Sociology
Wilson C Record
Of History and Sociology
G B Sharp
Mills and Weber
Formalism and the Analysis of Social Structure

Edward Shils
Imaginary Sociology
Hans H Gerth
C Wright Mills, 1916-1962
D C Hodges
Review of Images of Man
Irving L Horowitz
C Wright Mills
The Scientific Imagination of a Moral Man

Richard A Peterson
The Intellectual Career of C Wright Mills
A Case of The Sociological Imagination

Fred Blum
C Wright Mills
Social Conscience and Social Values

Douglas Fitzgerald Dowd
Thorstein Veblen and C Wright Mills
Social Science and Social Criticism

Don Martindale
The Evolution of C Wright Mills from Social Behaviorism to Left Wing Collectivism
Anatol Rapoport
The Scientific Relevance of C Wright Mills
William Kornhauser
'Power Elite' or 'Veto Groups'?
Eugene V Schneider
The Sociology of C Wright Mills
Volume Three
Ivan Light
Reassessments of Sociological History
C Wright Mills and the Power Elite

Richard Gillam
C Wright Mills and the Politics of Truth
The Power Elite Revisited

Richard Gillam
Richard Hofstadter, C Wright Mills and 'the Critical Ideal'
David L Petty
C Wright Mills' Professional Contribution to Sociology
E P Thompson
C Wright Mills
The Responsible Craftsman

Richard Gillam
White Collar from Start to Finish
C Wright Mills in Transition

James R Hudson
Mills and Hawley on Power
Don Martindale
Review of C Wright Mills
An American Utopian

Rick Tilman
C Wright Mills, The Sociological Imagination
A Reappraisal

Hans H Gerth
The Development of Social Thought in the United States and Germany
Critical Observations on the Occasion of the Publication of C Wright Mills' White Collar

A Javier Trevino
The Hispanic Writings of C Wright Mills
A Study in Social Psychology

Tony Edwards
A Remarkable Sociological Imagination
Howard S Becker
Professional Sociology
The Case of C Wright Mills

D W Brogan
New Worlds
R V Cassill
Accusers and Pardoners
A J Muste & Irving Howe
C Wright Mills' Program
Two Views

Charles Wisley
World without War
Lewis Coser
The Uses of Sociology
E Gellner
The New Hope

Arnold S Kaufman
The Irresponsibility of American Social Scientists
Daniel M Friedenberg
'Listen Yankee!'
A Review

Banana Peels

Gerald W Johnson
Seymour Martin Lipset and Neil Smelser
Change and Controversy in Recent American Sociology
Irving Louis Horowitz
Marxism According to C Wright Mills
Guy Oakes & Arthur J Vidich
Gerth, Mills and Shils
The Origins of From Max Weber


James W Russell
Intellectual Partnerships and Grudges
Gerth's Relationship with C Wright Mills


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