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Teaching for Tomorrow

Teaching for Tomorrow
Teaching Content and Problem-Solving Skills

Edited by:
  • Ted McCain - Thornburg Center for Professional Development

Foreword by Frank S. Kelly

May 2005 | 112 pages | Corwin
Teaching for Tomorrow concisely lays out the argument for preparing students for the 'real world'. It shows teachers how to engage students in thoughtful work, helping them to learn to collaborate, take responsibility for their own time and tasks, and become creative problem-solvers.

Through role-playing scenarios, six changes that need to take place in terms of teaching, and a four-step process for student work, Ted McCain provides a challenge and a way for teachers to meet it successfully.

About the Author
1. What Skills Will Students Need for the 21st Century?
2. Six Ways to Teach for Independent and Higher Learning
3. Teaching Students How to Solve Problems

"McCain's insights as an educator go way beyond the classroom.  He truly grasps the need for schools to prepare young people for life in an increasingly dynamic world.  This book continues Ted's tradition as a writer who speaks with great insight and clarity."

David Thornburg, Director
Thornburg Center for Professional Development

"In our current NCLB-test-driven environment, this book provides a guide for teachers who want their students to be life-long learners with real-world problem solving skills."

Michael A. Burke, Director, District Media and Technology Services
Edina Public Schools, MN

"Ted McCain gives readers clear, detailed, and readable strategies in order to engage students in active learning. The real-world content for students is key to an authentic, sustainable ability to problem solving."

Guylene Robertson, Assistant Superintendent
Cleveland Independent School District, Texas

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