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Teaching by Design in Elementary Mathematics, Grades K–1

Teaching by Design in Elementary Mathematics, Grades K–1

January 2011 | 256 pages | Corwin
Strengthen your mathematics lessons through collaborative planningTeaching by Design in Elementary Mathematics is a series of comprehensive professional development guides that help teachers investigate how students learn. Grounded in the latest research, this book is one of three volumes focused on grade-appropriate number and operations topics aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The capstone activity of each book guides the group through the co-creation and implementation of a prototype lesson. The teacher teams then evaluate the impact of the lesson on student learning and work together to revise it for maximum effectiveness. Through the process, teachers develop: Deeper content knowledge of important mathematical concepts Improved understanding of how students learn these mathematical ideas A stronger foundation for developing effective lessons and improving instructionEnhanced collaboration skillsEach volume includes a large assortment of reproducible handouts as well as built-in facilitation notes. Teachers will also find helpful resources that address the issue of finding time for school-based professional development and teacher collaboration.
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Session 1: Getting Started
Session 2: Learning Landscape
Session 3: Counting and Number Concepts
Session 4: Comparing and Ordering Numbers
Session 5: Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (Part 1)
Session 6: Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (Part 2)
Session 7: Children's Strategies: Direct Modeling
Session 8: Children's Strategies: Counting Strategies
Session 9: Children's Strategies: Numerical Reasoning
Session 10: Children's Strategies: Numerical Reasoning Using Ten
Session 11: Mathematical Models Supporting Numerical Reasoning
Session 12: Designing the Prototype Lesson
Session 13: Discussing Results
Session 14: Reflecting On and Revising the Prototype Lesson

"As our teaching team went through the lesson design process we were amazed at the transformation that took place. It took us out of isolated practice and placed us into a collaborative setting where we could effectively redesign lessons so that student learning was positively impacted."

Marla Ernst, Teacher and Math Coach
Lebanon Community School District, OR

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