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The Superintendent's Fieldbook

The Superintendent's Fieldbook
A Guide for Leaders of Learning

September 2004 | 368 pages | Corwin
The Superintendent's Fieldbook: A Guide for Leaders of Learning is the most comprehensive, complete handbook for the superintendency. It grew out of extensive funding and professional development from the highly-respected Danforth Foundation, and examines the role of the superintendent through field-based research with over 150 superintendents over ten years. Intended for urban, rural, and suburban superintendents, the book is designed to help these district leaders improve their effectiveness, learn from best practices, and fully understand the tenets of NCLB and other critical legislation. As a fieldbook, the book reflects stories, anecdotes, and vignettes from practicing superintendents and is truly a practitioner-friendly resource for school leaders.
About the Authors
I. Orientation
1. Preface

2. Introduction: Leading Learning in New Times

3. The "Commonplaces" of School Leadership

II. Leading Your Schools
1. Orientation: Leadership Theory for the Theoretically Challenged

2. Thinking About Your Organization

3. Encouraging Adaptive Leadership

4. Creating Your Learning Organization

5. Reflective Practice

III. Coping With Governance Challenges
1. Orientation

2. It's Rough Out There

3. Working With Your Board

4. Dealing With Your Unions

5. General Rules of the Road

6. Reflective Practice

IV. Understanding Standards and Assessment
1. Orientation

2. Where We Are on Standards and Assessment

3. What the Data Tell You

4. Questions for Reflective Practice

V. Addressing Race and Class
1. Orientation: Why Race and Class?

2. Difficult Conversations

3. What's Going On Inside Schools

4. . . . And What's Going On Outside Them

5. Reflective Practice

VI. Developing Your Principals
1. Leading Student Learning

2. The Instructional Leader's Toolkit

3. Facilitating Change

4. Questions for Reflective Practice

VII. Collaborating With Your Allies
1. Orientation: What Is Collaboration?

2. What Does Collaboration Require?

3. Collaboration in the Field: Early Care and Education

4. Questions for Reflective Practice

VIII. Engaging Your Community
1. Orientation

2. Public Engagement

3. Working With Your News and Media Outlets

4. Communications Planning

5. Reflective Practice

IX. So What Does All This Mean?
1. Reconciling Commonplaces and Images

2. Four Leadership Styles

3. Questions for Reflective Practice

Appendix A: The Forum for the American School Superintendent
Appendix B: Members of the Forum for the American School Superintendent
Appendix C: Contributors

"Much of what we know about how to be successful in our roles as superintendent is generally learned the hard way. Having a resource to turn to in an effort to mitigate the trial and error nature of our approaches in dealing with the challenges of today's superintendency provides a compelling reason to pick up the book."

Howard Smith, Superintendent of Schools
Public Schools of the Tarrytowns, Sleepy Hollow, NY

"New and current superintendents, or prospective school leaders should read this book. I think the authors tied in a lot of leadership theory and practices that would compliment individual styles of school superintendents."

Gina Segobiano, Superintendent
Signal Hill School District, Belleville, Illinois

"Being a superintendent, I can speak to the fact that I can use the tips and techniques presented with my staff and school community."

Glenn Sewell, Superintendent/Principal
Wheatland Union High School District, CA

Sample Materials & Chapters

Part 1: Orientation

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