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State of the Adivasis in Odisha 2014

State of the Adivasis in Odisha 2014
A Human Development Analysis

First Edition

September 2015 | 124 pages | SAGE India
The State of the Adivasis in Odisha 2014: A Human Development Analysis endeavours to identify and highlight the development concerns of the tribals of the state, explore their causes and provide an opportunity to the state planners in prioritising the human development issues specific to this community. 

As one of the most excluded communities of India, Adivasis face many challenges in their daily lives: extreme poverty, social exclusion, poor access to healthcare, education and employment opportunities, displacement from their lands and forests and so on. 

The key objective of this report is to understand these areas of deprivations. It is imperative for the government to ensure food and nutritional security to Adivasis. Efforts should be made for conservation of forests. The tribes need to be provided with hospitals, schools and basic infrastructural facilities. Equal participation of women in project committees at all levels and in training schemes and commercial ventures should be taken to reduce gender inequality. Based on primary and secondary data analysis, this report studies the poor socio-economic condition of the Adivasis and offers possible solutions for empowering the tribal community as a whole.
Foreword Cliff Allum
Preface Dr N C Saxena
Acknowledgements Harishwar Dayal
Executive Summary
Introduction and overview
The Adivasis: Their land and their life
Health status
Education level
Employment and livelihood patterns of Adivasis in Odisha
Poverty among the tribals
Development induced displacement of the Adivasis
Deprivation, vulnerability and gender inequality of the tribals
Development initiatives for Adivasis of Odisha
Conclusions and the way ahead

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