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Sexual Exploitation in Schools

Sexual Exploitation in Schools
How to Spot It and Stop It

January 2004 | 160 pages | Corwin
Wonderfully written, comprehensive, and helpful to parents, educators, and students. This book will make a great contribution to educational practice' - Carol Shakeshaft, Professor, Foundations, Leadership and Policy Studies , Hofstra University

This book is intended to help educators, especially school and district administrators, to identify, understand, evaluate, react, and ultimately prevent sexual abuse in K-12 schools. The book focuses on two pronged challenges. The first is on how to spot exploitation, specifically on what to look for in recognizing early warning signs. The other is on how to stop exploitation; the action steps schools can take to prevent sexual exploitation, to intervene and get help for abused children, and to respond promptly and appropriately if it occurs. Other topics that are addressed include standards of care for a safe school, definitions of child molestation and sexual abuse, legal issues, prevention and response to sexual abuse, protecting students and teachers, harassment and abuse policy and response plan.

Purpose of This Book

About the Author
Position of Trust

Definition of Terms

Modalities of Exploitation

1. Sexual Exploitation
Forms of Sexual Exploitation

Sexual Harassment

Exploitation of Former Students and Nonstudents

Sexual Assault


Child Molestation

You Be the Judge: Chapter 1 Scenario

2. Environmental Context of Sexual Exploitation
Trust and Vulnerability

Sexual Exploitation of Persons With Disabilities

Predictable Pattern of Abuse

Continuum of Exploitation

Appropriate Boundaries


Sexual Exploitation in Sports

You Be the Judge: Chapter 2 Scenario

3. Consequences of Sexual Exploitation
Consequences for the Child

Consequences for Families

Evidence of Abuse

Consequences for the Accused

You Be the Judge: Chapter 3 Scenario

4. Legal Context of Sexual Exploitation
Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Treatment Act

Public Notification

Reporting to a Child Protection Agency

Investigation by the Child Protection Agency

Title IX Liability

Negligent Referral

Statutes of Limitation


Recovered Memories

The Delayed Discovery Doctrine

Discriminatory Enforcement

You Be the Judge: Chapter 4 Scenario

5. Standard of Care for a Safe School
Duty To Protect

Standard of Care for Principals

Standard of Care for School Employees

Risk Management

You Be the Judge: Chapter 5 Scenario

6. Pathology of a Sexual Exploiter
Why Would an Adult Exploit a Child?

Misconceptions About Child Abusers

You Be the Judge: Chapter 6 Scenario

7. District and Employee Rights and Responsibilities
District Rights and Responsibilities

Educator Rights and Responsibilities

Defenses That Have Been Successful

Defenses That Have Not Been Successful

The Aftermath of a Proven Allegation

You Be the Judge: Chapter 7 Scenario

8. Conducting an Investigation
When Should an Investigation Be Initiated?

Conducting the Investigation

Actions to Protect Educators

You Be the Judge: Chapter 8 Scenario

9. Action Steps
Action Steps for School Districts

Action Steps for Principals

Action Steps for Educators


Appendix A. Steps to Follow in Developing a Sexual Exploitation Prevention Program
Appendix B. Model Sexual Exploitation Prevention Policy
Appendix C. Resources for Educators and Parents
Appendix D. Sexual Harassment and Exploitation Prevention Assessment

"Wonderfully written, comprehensive, and helpful to parents, educators, and students. This book will make a great contribution to educational practice."

Charol Shakeshaft, Professor, Foundations, Leadership and Policy Studies
Hofstra University

"Dr. Shoop has meticulously examined every facet of sexual exploitation in schools. His recommendations on how to spot it and stop it are vital to protecting students and the dignity of the profession."

Terri Miller, President
Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation, Inc.

"The value of Shoop’s guide lies in its analysis of the consequences of sexual exploitation and the legal context of exploitation."

Publishers Weekly, December 2003

"Although this book should not be misconstrued as the equivalent of a licensed attorney, it is an excellent resource that school administrators and teachers can use to address sexual exploitation in schools as they navigate their way through the current educational milieu."

NASSP Bulletin, December 2006

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