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Safe & Secure Schools

Safe & Secure Schools
27 Strategies for Prevention and Intervention

November 2008 | 136 pages | Corwin
Provide for school safety and security with practical, realistic strategies that can make a difference! This timely resource for new, veteran, and aspiring school administrators offers cost-effective techniques to create a safe school environment for students, staff, and the community. The authors use their experience in education and law enforcement to show how administrators can combine the need for secure campuses with the desire to maintain an open and welcoming environment. Educators will find recommendations that can: help prevent or minimize a potential tragedy; facilitate a stronger, more informed response when needed; allow a school to recover and return to normalcy.
Foreword by Dr. Gerald Tirozzi
About the Authors
1. Planning
Strategy 1: Starting the School Year: A Checklist for Safety and Security

Strategy 2: The Principal's Homework: What Does Your Teacher Handbook Say About Safety and Security?

Strategy 3: Strategic Supervision: The Foundation for School Safety

Strategy 4: A Safety Game Plan for Cocurricular Events

Strategy 5: On the Road Again: Discipline Investigations Away From School

Strategy 6: Visitor Check-In and Screening Procedures: It's More Than Just Signing the Visitor Log

Strategy 7: Ensuring the Safe Evacuation of Students With Physical Disabilities During an Emergency

Strategy 8: Invest in a Safety Committee: Creating Strategies You Can Bank On

Strategy 9: Speaking of School Safety: Creating a Conversation Within the School Community

Strategy 10: Closing Out the School Year

2. Response Strategies
Strategy 11: Planning for School Emergencies: Part 1

Strategy 12: Planning for School Emergencies: Part 2

Strategy 13: Assessing Student Threats of Violence: A School's Response to a Growing Problem

Strategy 14: De-escalating an Angry Parent: You'll Never Have to Answer for What You Don't Say

Strategy 15: Fights at School: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Strategy 16: Head 'Em Up! Move 'Em Out!: Relocating Students During an Emergency Event

Strategy 17: Student Searches: A Practical Application

Strategy 18: Managing Electronic Devices: Sending the Right "Signals" to Parents and Students

Strategy 19: Full-Court Press: A Media Management Plan

3. Professional Development
Strategy 20: Is Your School Up to Speed on Safety?

Strategy 21: What Teachers Must Know About Safety

Strategy 22: Training Support Staff to Respond Appropriately

Strategy 23: Intimidation, Harassment, and Bullying: Fear Factors in the Twenty-First-Century School

Strategy 24: Holiday Blues: Responding to Seasonally Despondent Students

Strategy 25: Tabletop Exercises: The Ultimate Tool for School Safety Training

Strategy 26: There's No "Substitute" for Good Safety

4. Top Ten
Strategy 27: School Safety's Top Ten: The Top Ten Things to Remember When Creating a Safe School Environment


"An indispensable resource for practicing administrators and central office personnel. When it comes to student and staff safety, there are no excuses. The authors have created a handbook that is comprehensive, explicit, and relevant to educational environments."

Darlene R. Jones, Principal
Francis Howell North High School, St. Charles, MO

"Brunner and Lewis have done an outstanding job creating a series of commonsense reminders that will guide school leaders in creating and enhancing safety in their school and community."

Ronald Stephens, Executive Director
National School Safety Center

"A pioneering leap for school safety. It should be in the hands of every school leader."

Roberto Gonzalez, Jr., Drug Abuse Prevention Coordinator
Victoria ISD, TX

"A definite asset to all administrators involved with safety and crisis response planning and protocols in their districts. The succinct information can be used to effectively train staff, students, and the community to help ensure a safe and secure school."

Roddie S. Miller, Safety Administrator
Omaha Public Schools, NE

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ISBN: 9781412962995

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