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Revisiting Nuclear India

Revisiting Nuclear India
Strategic Culture and (In)Security Imaginary

First Edition
  • Runa Das - University of Minnesota, Duluth, USA

April 2015 | 344 pages | SAGE India

A novel investigation in defining the country’s nuclear policy choices since 1947

Interrogating the socially constructed nature of a nation’s strategic culture to explain its nuclear security policies is not a common practice in the mainstream scholarships of strategic culture studies and International Relations. Revisiting Nuclear India is an effort to reorient strategic culture and international security studies in this direction.

This book renders a novel line of theoretical and analytical approach to study a discursive link between the reconstructions of India’s strategic cultures, insecurities, and India’s nuclear policy choices from 1947 to the present.

Discourse in International Relations: Situating India
Nation-making in Colonial India
Political Idealism and Atomic Science: 1947–1964
Defense Preparedness and Nuclear Aggressiveness: 1964–1991
At the Nuclear Edge: 1991–1998
Crossing the Nuclear Threshold and the Neoliberal Turn: 1998–2004
Neoliberal Strategic Security/Defense Collaborations: Post-2004


“The book is trying to make an argument that goes beyond the common understanding… the author has to rigorously demonstrate the veracity of her assertions…it is difficult for the readers of the book to come away convinced of that point of view.”

Economic & Political Weekly, 16 February 2019

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