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Recipe for Teaching

Recipe for Teaching
A Reflective Journal

February 2009 | 80 pages | Corwin
Anita Moultrie Turner's Recipe for Great Teaching offers classroom teachers '11 essential ingredients' for successful classrooms, including compassion, communication, classroom discipline, and much more. The author's wisdom and light-hearted style are popular with new and veteran teachers alike. The author's new Reflective Journal to Accompany Recipe for Great Teaching is a professional development journal designed to stand on its own or to accompany her Recipe for Great Teaching for workshops, book study groups, or individual teacher use. Each chapter in this new journaling resource includes quotations, journaling prompts, and more 'savory morsels' of educational wisdom in Anita Turner's inimitable style.
1. Ingredient 1: Passion and Compassion
2. Ingredient 2: Communication
3. Ingredient 3: Praise and Self-Esteem
4. Ingredient 4: Respect and Self-Respect
5. Ingredient 5: Classroom Environment
6. Ingredient 6: Classroom Management
7. Ingredient 7: Discipline
8. Ingredient 8: Organizational Skills
9. Ingredient 9: Real-Life Skills
10. Ingredient 10: The Whole Dinner
11. Ingredient 11: Welcome to the Table

"The author really takes the reader-writer-reflector on a journey of self-discovery. The teacher must think to complete each area and make self-discoveries in doing so."

Tammy Angel Shiflett, K-5 Gifted Resource Teacher
C. A. Roberts Elementary School, Dallas, GA

"After my years of experience, I know that successful teaching depends on reflection, reflection, reflection. This text is a wonderful contribution to help teachers through the reflective process."

Roxie R. Ahlbrecht, Math Teacher Leader and Second-Grade Teacher
Robert Frost Elementary School, Sioux Falls, SD

"Outstanding for any educator, new or experienced. I wish such a book had been available when I was a new teacher, but I am motivated in knowing that new teachers across the country are encouraged to reflect upon their practices to best serve the needs of not only their own students, but also of the educational environments in which they are involved."

Lori L. Grossman, Instructional Coordinator
Houston Independent School District, TX

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