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Readings in Indian Sociology

Readings in Indian Sociology
Volume IX: Culture and Society

First Edition
Edited by:

Series Editor: Ishwar Modi

December 2013 | 416 pages | SAGE India
Culture and Society, shows us that the questions of the nation state must have precise emblems, or facts, by which it is studied. These motifs may be leisure, propaganda, film,  theatre, cartoons, ideologies of race and caste, as well as the  continuing production of a variety of materials, which inform lay readers as well as trained professionals, how eclectic the subject matter of Sociology is. Well-known sociologists, who will be remembered for their astute sense of the here and now, bring to the volume its intense intellectual space of negotiating the cultural dynamics of India as it unfolds in the last decades of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st century.
Series Note
Susan Visvanathan
C N Venugopal
G.S. Ghurye on Culture and Nation-Building
Sally Falk Moore
Cultural Pluralism and National Cohesion: Issues and Prospects
Yogesh Atal
Outsiders as Insiders: The Phenomenon of Sandwich Culture
Sudeep Basu
Interrogating Tibetan Exilic Culture: Issues and Concerns
Yogendra Singh
The Significance of Culture in the Understanding of Social Change in Contemporary India
Yogendra Singh
Cultural Integration and Changing Values: A Study of Value System of Educated Youth
Indra Deva
Towards a More Meaningful Study of Ecology, Society and Culture
Bernadette Maria Gomes
Vosaad: The Socio-Cultural Force of Water (A Study from Goa)
Gaurang R Sahay
Traditional Institutions and Cultural Practices vis-à-vis Agrarian Mobilisation: The Case of Bharatiya Kisan Union
Kenji Kosaka
A Sociology for Happiness: Beyond Western versus Non-Western Perspectives
Ishwar Modi
Leisure and Social Transformation
Subrat K Nanda
Cultural Nationalism in a Multi-National Context: The Case of India
Asoke Basu
Education, Social Structure and Culture
Victor S D'Souza
Towards a Cultural Policy in India: A Socio-cultural Perspective
Sharmila Rege
Understanding Popular Culture: The Satya-shodhak and Ganesh Mela in Maharashtra
Akalanka Jindal
Sociological Research on Films
Moutushi Mukherjee
The Return Migrant in Cinema: The Idealist and the Sceptic
Binod C Agrawal
Cultural Invasion from the Sky: Hinduisation of Indian Television?
Dalia Chakrabarti
The Cartoon of a Bengali Lady Clerk: A Repertoire of Sociological Data
Ravindra K Jain
Race Relations, Ethnicity, Class and Culture : A Comparison of Indians in Trinidad and Malaysia
Appendix of Sources

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