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Readings in Indian Sociology

Readings in Indian Sociology
Volume VIII: Political Sociology of India

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Anand Kumar - Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Series Editor: Ishwar Modi

Volume: 8
Other Titles in:
Sociology (General)

December 2013 | 468 pages | SAGE India
Political Sociology of India, is a selection of essays on polity and society which represents outstanding contributions of three generations of eminent scholars about political sociology of India. The selected authors also include some of the leading lights of the Indian Sociological Society. The papers selected for the volume provide a holistic view of the major concerns and perspectives of eminent post-colonial sociologists as well as the range of diversities in conceptualizing and analyzing the complexities of Indian social formation.    
Series Note
Anand Kumar
I: The Conceptual Aspects
Yogendra Singh
Caste and Class: Some Aspects of Continuity and Change
André Béteille
Hierarchical and Competitive Inequality
T K Oommen
Sociological Issues in the Analysis of Social Movements in Independent India
S N Eisenstadt and Harriet Hartman
Movements of Protest, Construction of Centres and State Formation in India and Europe
Partha N Mukherji
The Indian State in Crisis? Nationalism and Nation-Building
II: Institutions
Brij Raj Chauhan
The Panchayati Raj and the Democratic Policy
N R Sheth
Trade Unions in India - A Sociological Approach
P K B Nayar
Civil Society, State and Democracy: Lessons for India
Sujata D Hazarika
Democracy and Leadership: The Gendered Voice in Politics
III: Processes
B K Roy Burman
Meaning and Process of Tribal Integration in a Democratic Society
C Parvathamma
Landholding Pattern and Power-Relations in a Mysore Village
M S A Rao
The Mid-Term Poll in a Village in Outer Delhi Constituency
Dipankar Gupta
Nation-State and Open Systems of Stratification: Making Room for the 'Politics of Commitment'
John C B Webster
Understanding the Modern Dalit Movement
Vibha Arora
Assertive Identities, Indigeneity, and the Politics of Recognition as a Tribe: The Bhutias, the Lepchas and the Limbus of Sikkim
IV: Methodological Issues
A R Desai
Relevance of the Marxist Approach to the Study of Indian Society
B S Baviskar
Co-operatives and Castes in Maha-rashtra: A Case Study
K L Sharma
Power Elite in Rural India: Some Questions and Clarifications
Ehsanul Haq
Education and the Emerging Patterns of Political Orientations: A Sociological Analysis
Vinod K Jairath
Studying Communal Riots in India: Some Methodological Issues
Appendix of Sources

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