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Nurturing the Gifted Female

Nurturing the Gifted Female
A Guide for Educators and Parents

Edited by:

Foreword by Elizabeth A. Meckstroth

August 2008 | 144 pages | Corwin
Containing pressing evidence of how young, gifted female learners are in jeopardy of falling below their potential as they grow older, this book examines ways to support female gifted education. Exploring the key to success for many gifted girls through ways of increasing their expression, collaboration with others, and self-esteem, the book is a proponent of strengthening the individualilty within all gifted females. The author leads each chapter with a vignette on a particular gifted student that captures the problem scenarios that many gifted girls face (i.e. derision from peers, overexcitable behavior, etc.) and then offers insight and explains ways to resolve the issues. As each story unfolds and creates a powerful theme about female empowerment, the rest of the book is filled with practical strategies to help gifted girls and will be an encouraging guide for both parents and teachers alike. Since many gifted female students struggle with their identity while hurdling over growing socio-cultural pressures, the development of their personal strength and resilience is important to the continuation of female gifted learning.
About the Authors
1. Introduction: Gifted Voices
2. Giftedness: A Qualitative Difference
3. The Gifted Female
4. Voice
5. The Resilient Self
6. Autonomy and Affiliation
7. Achieving Efficacy
8. Agency: The Destination
9. Conclusion: A Celebration of the Female Spirit
Appendix A: The Voices: Participants on the Journey
Appendix B: Learning Log Template

"A nice addition to the literature on gifted youth. It cites a growing concern over the disengagement of young gifted girls and offers realistic strategies to support and nurture them throughout their educational career."

Richard M. Cash, Director of Gifted and Talented Programs
Bloomington Public Schools, MN

"The examples through stories are a major strength. I hope this book inspires teachers to see the giftedness in all children, nurture their voices, and help them develop to their fullest potential."

Rosemary Traoré, Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“Navan’s insightful description and analysis of giftedness provides those of us who teach, mentor, and parent girls and young women with a road map to recognize and support their achievement and development. The stories, which describe girls and young women from a variety of backgrounds, are a pleasure to read.”

Renee Campoy, Interim Assistant Dean
College of Education, Murray State University

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