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Legends in Marketing: Philip Kotler

Legends in Marketing: Philip Kotler

First Edition
Nine Volume Set
Edited by:

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Marketing (General)

February 2012 | 2 435 pages | SAGE India
The Legends in Marketing series captures the essence of the most important contributions made in the field of marketing in the past hundred years. It reproduces the seminal works of the legends in the field, which is supplemented by interviews of these legends as well as by the opinions of other scholars about their work.

The series comprises various sets, each focused on the multiple ways in which a legend has contributed to the field. This fifth set in the series, consisting of nine volumes, is a tribute to Philip Kotler. Known as one of the foremost authorities on marketing, a great listener and speaker, and a truly pioneering author, Professor Kotler is ranked as one of the six most influential business thinkers.

This set includes:

Volume 1: Marketing Theory and Orientations
Edited by: Ravi S Achrol
Volume 2: Analytical Marketing
Edited by: Robert C Blattberg
Volume 3: Creating and Managing the Product Mix
Edited by: Venkatesh Shankar
Volume 4: Improving the Role and Practice of Marketing
Edited by: Tim Ambler
Volume 5: Strategic Marketing
Edited by: Glen Urban
Volume 6: Globalization and International Marketing Competition
Edited by: Michael R Czinkota
Volume 7: Marketing in the New Economy
Edited by: Patrick J Duparcq
Volume 8: Broadening the Concept and Applications of Marketing
Edited by: William L Wilkie
Volume 9: Marketing: Its Social and Ethical Side
Edited by: Paul N Bloom
Set Introduction

Jagdish N Sheth
Volume Introduction

Ravi Achrol
Behavior Models for Analyzing Buyers

Some Needed Extensions in the Theory of Marketing Programming

Coping with the Complexities of Marketing

Metamarketing: The Furthering of Organizations, Persons, Places, and Causes

Demarketing, Yes, Demarketing

A Generic Concept of Marketing

Buying is Marketing, Too

The Major Tasks of Marketing Management

Atmospherics as a Marketing Tool

A Critical Assessment of Marketing Theory and Practice


Creating the Responsive Organization

Humanistic Marketing: Beyond the Marketing Concept

From Mass Marketing to Mass Customization

It's Time for Total Marketing

Marketing's New Paradigm: What's really happening out there

Reconceptualizing Marketing: An interview with Philip Kotler

Marketing and Merchandising

From Market Driven to Market Driving

The Service-Dominant Logic for Marketing: A critique

Holistic Marketing: A broad, integrated perspective to marketing management

Alphabet Soup

Perspective of Other Scholars
John C. Narver

Torger Reve

Robert E. Spekman

David W. Stewart

Rajan Varadarajan

Ravi Achrol interviews Philip Kotler

Volume Introduction

Robert Blattberg
Elements in a Theory of Growth Stock Valuation

The Use of Mathematical Models in Marketing

Toward and Explicit Model for Media Selection

The Competitive Marketing Simulator - A New Management Tool

Quantitative Analysis in Marketing Research

Computerized Media Selection: Some Notes on the State of the Art

Evaluating Competitive Marketing Strategies Through Computer Simulation

New Mathematics for Marketing Planning

A Design for the Firm's Marketing Nerve Center

Operations Research in Marketing

Decision Processes in the Marketing Organization

Computer Simulation in the Analysis of New-Product Decisions

Mathematical Models of Individual Buyer Behavior

The Future of the Computer in Marketing

Marketing Simulations: Review and Prospects

Corporate Models: Better Marketing Plans

A Guide to Gathering Expert Estimates

Operations Research in Marketing

Perspective of other scholars

Robert Blattberg interviews Philip Kotler

Volume Introduction

Venkatesh Shankar
Marketing Mix Decisions for New Products

Phasing Out Weak Products

Competitive Strategies for New Product Marketing Over the Life Cycle

A Guide to Long-Range Product-Market Planning

Targeting Prospects for a New Product

Harvesting Strategies for Weak Products

Design: A Powerful but Neglected Strategic Tool

Strategic Marketing for New Programs

Flawed Products: Consumer Responses and Marketing Strategies

Idea Management

Perspective of Other Scholars
Venkatesh Shankar interviews Philip Kotler
Volume Introduction

Tim Ambler
Diagnosing the Marketing Takeover

It's Time to Cut Down on Advertising Waste

Marketing Professional Services

The Marketing Audit Comes of Age

From Sales Obsession to Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing's Drive to Maturity

The Future Marketing Manager

The Marketing Planning Process

A Framework for Marketing Image Management

Turbo-Marketing Through Time Compression

Auditing the Marketing Function

Boards Should Tune in to Corporate Marketing Programs

The Marketing Consultant

A Three-Part Plan for Upgrading Your Marketing Department for New Challenges

Ending the War Between Sales and Marketing

What CEOs Need to Know and Do About Marketing

Marketing: The Unappreciated Work Horse

Rethinking the Chain: Make Marketing Leaner, Faster and Better

Perspective of other Scholars
Tim Ambler interviews Philip Kotler
Volume Introduction

Glen Urban
Profits and the Marketing Concept

Marketing During Periods of Shortage

Strategic Remarketing: The Preferred Response to Shortages and Inflation

Strategies for High Market-Share Companies

Market Challenger Strategies

Marketing Warfare in the 1980s

Being Known or Being One of Many: The need for brand management for business-to-business (B2B) companies

Perspective of other Scholars
Glen Urban Interviews Philip Kotler
Volume Introduction

Michael Czinkota
The World's Champion Marketers: The Japanese

Japanese Strategic Marketing: An overview

Strategic Global Marketing: Lessons from the Japanese

Global Standardization: Courting danger

Global Marketing Strategies

Meeting the New Competition from Japan and the Far East

Semiotics of Person and Nation Marketing

The Potential Contributions of Marketing Thinking to Economic Development

Ending Global Stagnation: Linking the fortunes of the industrial and developing countries

Globalization -- Realities and Strategies

There's No Place Like Our Place! The Marketing of Cities, Religions, & Nations

The Asian Apocalypse: Crisis marketing for consumers and businesses

Only the Sustainable Succeed: Lessons from Asian survivors

Country as Brand, Product and Beyond: A place marketing and brand management perspective

How Can a Place Correct a Negative Image

Perspective of other Scholars
Michael Czinkota interviews Philip Kotler
Volume Introduction

Patrick DuParq
The Emergent Prosumer

Role of the Marketing Department in the Organization of the Future

Mapping the Future Marketplace

Managing Direct and Online Marketing

Marketing in the Network Economy

Marketing in the Age of Information Democracy

Nine Major Shifts in the New Economy

Perspective of other Scholars
Patrick DuParq interviews Philip Kotler
Volume Introduction

Bill Wilkie
Broadening the Concept of Marketing

Marketing Education in the 1970s

Beyond Marketing: The furthering concept

Education Problems and Marketing

Third Sector Management--The Role of Marketing

Applying Marketing Theory to College Admissions

The Market for Personal Growth Services

Educational Packagers: A modest proposal

Marketing and Public Relations: Should they be partners or rivals?

Marketing: A definition for community colleges

Strategic Planning for Higher Education

Business Marketing for Political Candidates

"Dream Vacations:" The booming market for designed experiences

How to Set the Hospital's Marketing Budget

Broadening the Concept of Marketing Still Further: The megamarketing concept

The Marketing of Parochial School Modeled as an Exchange Process

Can (Should) Religion Be Marketed?

What Does It Mean for Pastors to Adopt Market Orientation?

How the Arts Can Prosper Through Strategic Collaborations,

Crisis in the Arts: The marketing response

The Marketing of Leadership

Political Marketing-Generating Effective Candidates, Campaigns, and Causes

Can Museums Be All Things to All People? Missions, Goals, and Marketing's Role

The Role Played by the Broadening of Marketing Movement in the History of Marketing Thought

Alleviating Poverty: A Macro/Micro Marketing Perspective

Marketing in the Public Sector: The final frontier

Being Known or Being One of Many: The need for brand management for business-to-business (B2B) companies

Perspective of other scholars
Bill Wilkie interviews Philip Kotler
Volume Introduction

Paul Bloomd
The Elements of Social Action

Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned Social Change

What Consumerism Means to Marketers

Advertising in the Nonprofit Sector

Axioms for Societal Marketing

A Marketing Approach to Energy Conservation

Strategies for Introducing Marketing into Nonprofit Organizations

The Marketing of Social Causes: The First Ten Years

Reducing Cigarette Smoking: An Opportunity for Social Marketing?

Strategic Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

Not-for-Profit Marketing

Competitiveness and Civic Character

Best of Breed

Wrestling with Ethics: Is marketing ethics an oxymoron?

Ethical Lapses of Marketers

Alleviating Poverty: A macro/micro marketing perspective

Marketing in the Public Sector: The final frontier

Perspective of other scholars
Paul Bloom interviews Philip Kotler

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