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How Businesses Grow

How Businesses Grow

First Edition
  • Shil Niyogi - Senior Director of Product Engineering, healthcare firm, Chicago.

December 2011 | 216 pages | SAGE Response

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Are you afraid to take risks?
Or do you take risks without looking at what you are leaping into?
Do you strive for success, but remain unclear about your goal?
Often wonder how the person next door made it to the top while you were still planning?
Is the word turnaround missing from your dictionary?

If yes, then you are an undistinguished entrepreneur and what you need is exactly what lies between the pages of this book. Real life entrepreneurial success stories are peppered with humorous illustrations to drive home the point— Get rid of that undistinguished entrepreneur in you and script your own growth story


Early to Work has its Perk (s)

Set Job Descriptions and Employer Expectations

Preach against Micromanagement and Encourage Delegation

Provide Information Proactively

Practice the Golden Scrub Savers

Avoid Becoming the Target of Pet Peeves

Prevent Fires: Keep Your Schedule Visible

Discourage Bonding Through Sports or Social Networks

Don't Buy Expensive Gifts-They Will Really Cost You!

Let What Happens at Home Stay at Home

No Bypassing

Use Positive Feedback to Build a Team

Be Assertive in Your Communication

Understand that Personal Favors Can Hurt You

Use Office Resources Only for Office Purposes

Treat Important Tasks as Projects to Manage

Share Knowledge and Train Co-workers

If You Were in the Undistinguished Entrepreneur's Shoes

Procedural Lessons

Procedural Clinic

You are What You Wear

Start Saying No

Take Criticism Constructively

Learn to Deal with Possible Attention Deficit Disorder

Manage the Undistinguished Entrepreneur's "I Want This Now" Attitude

Organize the Undistinguished Entrepreneur's Work

Congratulate the Entrepreneur!

Socialize, But Don't Be Overly Sociable

Control Flights of Fancy

Be Pragmatic

Learn from Your Mistakes

Admit Mistakes and Move On

Provide Constructive Feedback when you Disagree

Thank your Luck But Don't Rely On It

Turn the Focus on the Firm's Culture

Push for Ethics in the Organization

Don't Partake in Politics

Behavioral Lessons

Behavioral Clinic

Focus on Profitability, not Sales

Instill Clarity in the Organization's Workflows

Understand Long-Term Goals

Search out Innovations and Conduct Research

Improve the Way Decisions are Taken and Managed

Support the Hiring of Professional Senior Management

Mentor Your Subordinates, Particularly the Difficult Ones

Apprise the Entrepreneur of your Career Goals, Without Asking for a Raise or Reward

Update the Firm's Practices

Be an Asset, not a Liability

Make Yourself Indispensable

Remind the Entrepreneur to Think Twice Before Purchasing or Hiring Services

Keep the entrepreneur's Blue-Eyed Boy on your Team

Bring Realism into Forecasting

Help the Entrepreneur to Connect with the Firm's Clients

Consider Quitting only as a Last Resort

Strategic Lessons

Strategic Clinic

Notes and References

A brilliant addition to the literature of management education...the book is an excellent narration of real-life case studies, expressed in simple language, which makes its content more interesting. It’s simple style of presentation should appeal to wide class of readers; aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders and managers...the readers should cherish every bit of the book and would not to be able put it down till the end.

Global Business Review, Vol 14, Issue 3, September 2013

The book is full of decision making situations in an organization which makes for interesting reading, and is lucidly written which gives the reader the ease of understanding.

Volume 40(Issue 4), December 2015

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